Camp Beds

Camp Beds

Camping beds are designed to elevate your comfort levels when in the great outdoors, In our range, you can choose from camp bed options such as inflatable and folding camp beds available to choose from which are guaranteed to tick all of your boxes.

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Do you need a folding camp bed?

When it comes to camping, investing in camping beds might seem a little luxurious - however, once you’ve slept like a baby on a camp bed under the stars, you’ll never go back.

Adding an extra element of comfort to your outdoor experience is something you won’t regret - and thanks to Decathlon’s range of camp bed options, you can do so without breaking the bank too. Choose from sleeping directly on top of the bed in your sleeping bag, or for even more comfort, why not add a self-inflating mat as well?

Those who struggle with a bad back often find that a sturdy camp bed is better for them than a standard air bed when they’re away camping, and comfort is key to a successful camping trip.

Camping beds aren’t just for those nights outdoors though, they’re ideal to have around the house as an emergency bed when friends or relatives decide to stay over, and we’re sure they’ll appreciate it more than having to sleep on the couch.

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