Our top tips for picking a basketball? Beginners, kids and anyone looking to improve should opt for smaller balls that are easier to hold onto, pass and catch, while experts who want to play proper games will need a full-size one (size 7). At Decathlon, we believe that sport is for everyone and you don't have to spend a lot to get involved, which is why we've kept our prices low. But for the most dedicated fans, we also stock some special NBA-approved basketballs.

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How to choose a basketball ball?

How to choose a basketball ball?

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Make like LeBron James with our basketballs

Decathlon has a full range of basketballs for all kinds of players. Select from full size game balls (size 7), or if you'd prefer to practise and improve your ball skills, pick a smaller size. Pick from a range of colours, including the classic orange basketball. Little basketballs are perfect for children to play with as they aren't too large or heavy for young people to play with.

Basketballs of all levels are available, whether you're looking for practice balls or top level match day basketballs. Choose from brands like Kipsta or top-end basketball makers like Spalding, the creator of the official basketball of the National Basketball Association (NBA) in America. We also stock basketball jerseys and shoes within our Basketball department.

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