Head Torches

Light the way and keep your hands free to climb and investigate with our headlamps. They simply attach to your head via an adjustable and secure strap, and can be turned on, up or down with a quick touch of a button. Because it’s positioned just above your eyes, it will illuminate the areas you’re naturally looking at.
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Headlamps and hiking torches to guide you on nighttime adventures

To stay safe during any low light or night walk, a hiking torch is a must. At Decathlon, we stock hand-held and head torches that you can use on camping trips and walking holidays, as well as on the dog walk in winter or to inspect the garden when it's dark (they're a versatile bunch!). We have lighter designs you can slip into your rucksack or pocket and always have ready to use, as well as larger, sturdier and waterproof models that will serve as excellent illumination for your whole tent or shelter.

Before you set off on your hike, make sure you've got your hiking GPS - fully charged - and batteries / chargers too!

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