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Why should you wear specialist mountain biking shoes? Choosing the right shoes is essential: they form the sacred link between a cyclist and their bike! Mountain biking shoes are comfy and sturdy. B'TWIN designs light and comfy mountain biking shoes that have either stiff, semi-stiff or supple soles, come up to your ankle or just above it to protect it, and fasten with velcro or a small adjustment wheel so that you will always find the perfect pair of shoes for your mountain bike rides.



What are the advantages of road bike shoes? Road bike shoes are designed specifically for this kind of cycling: they are supple and comfortable to provide good support and optimise the transfer of power through the pedals. If you want to cycle further, or after a long ride, a good road cycling shoe will make all the difference. In order to give you the most effective models possible, some of our shoes have been designed in collaboration with the pros!

Also view overshoes, to keep your feet warm & dry when riding in stormy weather.

Decathlon's selection of Cycling Shoes are exclusively designed for Cycling. In Decathlon, you can find high quality sports clothes and equipment at the best price.