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Finding the right tennis equipment can help you boost your performance and level up quicker than you would with low-quality alternatives. Whether you’re a beginner looking for accessible tennis equipment or a tennis expert searching for powerful rackets to give you the perfect combination of power, control and spin, Babolat delivers.

Babolat Tennis Equipment

As one of the oldest racket sports manufacturers in the world and a veteran of producing tennis gear that stands out in quality, discover our Babolat Tennis equipment range. Featuring Babolat tennis rackets and strings to tennis balls and tennis sportswear available for men, women and children. Whether it’s playing style, grip size or tennis surface, find the kind of tennis accessoriesneeded in our Decathlon pick.

Babolat Tennis Rackets

Choose a brand that knows and anticipates your needs as a beginner or a pro. Considering upgrading your tennis racket? Babolat tennis brings you explosive power while equipping you with the control to stay precise with your serves and smashes and rivals the vibration absorption with the best of them. 

Tennis rackets aren’t the only tennis accessory Bobolat impresses with; the brand gets its fame with its tried and tested tennis strings that take functionality to the next level. Powerful, durable and gives you the perfect feel to take your volleys to the next level.

Want the whole tennis look? Check out our Decathlon range of tennis topsandtennis shortsto tick off your tennis gear checklist.