Training Aids for Adults

Get the most out of your water workout with our wide range of training aids. From swimming kickboards to finger paddles, level up in comfort as you improve your fitness, strengthen your upper and lower body and maximise your flexibility.
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Lomo Swimming Pull Buoy

Lomo Swimming Pull Buoy

Maru Hand Paddles

Maru Hand Paddles

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Adult training aids can be a huge asset when learning your swimming foundations, whether that’s to improve your stamina or overall body strength.

Browse our range of baby swimming aidsandswimming aids for toddlers, from our trustee pool noodles to our powerful swimming pull buoys and finger paddles to help your little ones get the support they need.

Swimming Kickboard

Swimming kickboards are a great way to practice your leg kicks, whether you’re training in the pool or in open water. And unlike floats and pool noodles, swimming boards are solely focused on training your lower body technique and strength. With our range of swimming kickboards ergonomically designed to perfect your positioning, find out how easy it is to move through the water with your dedicated swimming board.

Our range of swimming kickboards will help you minimise any strain placed on your upper body and prevent cramps while putting you in the perfect place to pinpoint what muscles you want to train. By ensuring that you remain afloat without paddling with your hands, you can focus your efforts on fine-tuning your technique with your undivided attention.

Whether it’s to improve your leg kicks, stamina, in-water body positioning, or even improving your balance, our swimming boards give you the space to do all of that and more, so you can glide through the water with minimal drag.

Check out our wide variety of swimming boards, from unique designs and colours to shapes and sizes — so you can find your fit.

Not done browsing? We’ve got function-first swimwearas well as an incredible range ofopen water wetsuits for you to check out, so you are prepped and ready for your next trip.

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