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Sailing Wool Beanies

A range of Tribord sailing beanies and neck warmers for sailors

When you're sailing in cold weather, it's fundamental to protect your extremities. These are indeed the parts of the body most exposed to winter conditions. Just as it's important to adopt appropriate equipment for your hands and feet, so it's in your best interest to preserve your head to keep your entire body warm. To do this, Tribord designers have come up with sailing beanies, caps and collar covers adapted to the demands of sailing.

Protect your head to effectively face the cold

When it's cold, it's customary to cover your body well. However, very often, the extremities are forgotten, which makes the rest of the protection totally ineffective. When the thermometer approaches zero, the best solution is to wear gloves, appropriate socks and a hat to cope with it. Indeed, nearly 30% of body heat escapes through the top, and more precisely through the head. This is the part of the body that loses the most heat in cold weather. Of course, it is then the whole body that is impacted, regardless of the other protections adopted. This observation is even more pronounced when sailing at sea, where weather conditions are often extreme. Similarly, in case of rain or water splashes on the ship, this phenomenon will be greatly amplified by the humidity.

To be able to enjoy your boat trips even in case of a harsh winter, it is therefore highly recommended to equip yourself with a cap, a sailing choker or an integral polar hood. These accessories represent both a guarantee of safety and a significant gain in comfort since they help maintain body heat. Through its range of Tribord accessories for sailing, Decathlon thus offers you the possibility to equip yourself effectively against the cold while taking care of your budget and your look.

Tribord hats to keep you warm in all circumstances

To keep you warm during your coastal regattas or outings, Tribord engineers have developed sailing beanies for children and adults from their design center in Hendaye, southern France. Warm and comfortable, these must-have accessories are sure to please young sailors and experienced sailors alike. Whether it's cold or windy, Tribord beanies will insulate your head and ears to keep your whole body warm. To achieve this, they have a polyester fleece lining and a protective membrane. These products are available in a variety of colors at a price that is affordable to most people.

To protect your hands from cold and chafing, you can complete your gear with sailing gloves.

Sail in the most extreme conditions with a fleece balaclava

The fleece balaclava finally offers the advantage of protecting your entire face while incorporating indispensable qualities of ventilation to facilitate breathing. It is therefore particularly effective for sea outings when temperatures are negative. The Tribord adult balaclava is made of warm 200Gr/M� fleece to keep you warm on board. This high-performance thermal insulation is complemented by a water-repellent property, which is extremely practical in the event of showers or water splashes. The water-repellent treatment of the fabric ensures that no drops of water penetrate. Also, the hood does not absorb water since the drops run off its surface. It is therefore the most effective protection against heavy downpours. It is also reversible, with a dark blue side and a fluorescent yellow side that will clearly improve your visibility at sea. In addition to offering you a real feeling of comfort throughout your practice, this accessory is therefore also a non-negligible guarantee of safety.

Neck warmers and sailing caps for your everyday activities

While neck warmers and sailing caps are initially designed for practicing water sports in good conditions, they will prove to be just as effective worn as part of your everyday activities. These Tribord accessories will keep you warm, both at sea and on land. In addition to protecting you from the cold and wind, Decathlon sailing products offer comfort and style, whether you're heading to work, going away for the weekend, or doing your favorite outdoor activities, sporty or not. They will be able to perfectly complete your look thanks to the different colors available, at prices accessible to all.

Finally, the waterproof bags allow you to carry all your equipment and keep it dry!