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MTB Tights and Trousers

Tights and trousers designed for mountain biking help to ensure your ride is comfortable and enjoyable. The Decathlon range of mountain bike trousers and leggings offers something for hobby and professional bikers, as well as men, women and children. The tight design of MTB trousers compresses your muscles as you exercise to reduce soreness, and many come with additional padding to improve the comfort of your seat.

Mens and Ladies MTB Trousers

The Decathlon range of MTB trousers offers a range of styles for male and female bikers. Each product has been designed with performance in mind and to ensure every ride is comfortable, with no chafing or soreness due to your choice of clothing. Our product range works perfectly with other performance clothing collections including our MTB jackets and gilets, MTB shortsandMTB jerseys and tops.

Winter MTB Trousers

Your mountain biking wardrobe needs to suit the seasons and if you love a wintry adventure then breathable, yet warm MTB trousers are necessary. Team your warmer pants with any of our long-sleeved MTB jerseys. Also take the time to explore our range of MTB gloves, ideal for keeping warm but also cushioning your hands against callouses and soreness.

Comfort is essential to enjoying a successful bike ride. Whether simply enjoying a weekend cycle or preparing for an important event, Decathlon has a great range of MTB trousers and other clothing to suit your ride.