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Front suspension is a must for mountain bikes as it helps absorb impact, reduce fatigue, and keep you safe on rough terrain. Our range of MTB forks include different varieties of shocks, such as hydraulic and spring, and are suitable for different varieties of brakes including disc and V-brakes.

26” Mountain Bike Forks

Choosing the right fork your bike involves checking the frame size and ensuring you’ve got the right fit for your model. Our range of MTB forks fit with many different brands of bike but you need to be sure of the right size and style for your wheels before purchasing. Changing your bike fork may be something you’re comfortable doing or you can discuss your needs with our on-site workshop teams.

27.5” Mountain Bike Forks

Adapting and upgrading your MTB is one way of ensuring it is perfectly customised to you and your riding style. Explore our forks individually to see their unique features from different styles of shocks to whether they’re compatible with a specific style of brakes.

Upgrading your MTB with Decathlon

The Decathlon range of accessories and parts for MTBs ensures you can find a suitable replacement if needed or upgrade your bike with a higher quality component. As well as plenty of MTB forks to explore, we also stock full mountain bike brakessystems,bike frame sparesandmountain bike stems, amongst many other key components and parts to customise your ride.