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Cricket Sunscreen

One of the best things about the summer is getting the chance to play your favourite sports in the sunshine. Cricket is one of the most popular sports to play during the summer, but it also means that you’ll be out in the sunshine for a prolonged time. Staying in the sun is incredibly important, especially when you’re playing your favourite sport and the time you spend exposed to the sun’s harmful rays is just flying by. Whether playing football, rugby or cricket, sunscreen should be an essential part of your sport’s kit. Make sure you apply plenty of sports sun lotion before and during your game, run or ride and more regularly when the sun is at its hottest, usually around midday. At Decathlon, we stock sports sun cream in factors 30 to 50, but for younger skin, we’d recommend applying the highest SPF sport sun lotion while also being extra vigilant in the sun.

While a severe case of sunburn can be serious enough to spoil your outdoor fun, over time, prolonged exposure to the sun can also cause skin cancer. Our sports sun creams contain UV filters to protect exposed skin from UVB and UVA rays and are specially formulated for sports and water and sweat resistant. And don’t forget that your skin can still get damaged from UVA rays, even on those grey and cloudy days, so make sure you apply sunscreen even when it’s overcast. Our refreshing aftersun lotion will relieve and calm painful sunburn if you do get caught by the sun.

If you’re heading to a campsite with some great mountain bike trails nearby, make sure you’re ready for the challenge ahead with our range of mountain bike clothing. We’ve got everything to keep you on track, including gloves, padded shorts, cycling socks and jerseys and more. Our mountain bike clothing range is made from moisture-wicking eco-materials that will remove sweat as you ride so you’ll stay dry and comfortable.

Before you head off to your next camping holiday, don’t forget to check that your tent poles are up to scratch. Regular use and harsh weather can cause tent poles to become damaged or even broken. If your tent poles look a little worse for wear, it’s probably time to replace them. Decathlon has a great selection of tent poles that will give your tent all the support it needs.

Whether it’s the great food, good company, lovely scenery or just the fresh air, something wonderfully uplifting about sharing a meal outdoors with family and friends. Make sure you have one of our folding picnic tables in your camping kit to enjoy your outdoor camping feast in comfort. The tables also fold up easily so you can store them away neatly, ready for next time.

There’s something incredibly invigorating about being in the outdoors, and a camping trip is a great opportunity to stretch your legs. Several campsites have running trails nearby, so you can explore the area while also getting some exercise. Just remember to take a good quality pair of running shoes with you. At Decathlon, we stock running trainers that are ideal for street and trail running from top brands such as Adidas, Asics, Mizuno and our in-house experts Kiprun and Kalenji.