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A simple guide to basketball for kids

From finding the right kids’ basketball hoop height to indoor vs outdoor setups for your pint-sized point guard...

If your kids can’t get enough of watching Michael Jordan clips on YouTube and are begging for a hoop in the back garden but you don’t know where to start when it comes to buying basketball equipment for them, this is a good place to start.

How high is a kids’ basketball hoop and do they need a special ball?

The basketball hoop you buy will depend on your child’s age and height. Most of our basketball hoops are adjustable, meaning they can be lowered or expanded to suit a range of players. Generally, those ranges are 0.9M to 1.2M (ideal for little ones up to five years old), 1.3M to 1.6M (that’s usually up to eight years) and 1.6M to 2.2M (until they’re 10). After that, you can buy a basketball hoop from the adult range and enjoy playing as a family. As for the basketball itself, we design and sell smaller, softer versions that are easier for smaller hands to hold and won’t hurt if they get hit. Just like with the hoops, there’s a range of kids’ basketball sizes to choose from.

What’s the difference between an indoor and outdoor basketball hoop?

The difference between an indoor and outdoor basketball hoop will largely depend on your setup inside and outside. Most people don’t have the space for a basketball court inside, but your kids might enjoy a mini basketball hoop in their bedroom or a standing hoop in the playroom. Outside, you’re more likely to have somewhere you could affix a wall mounted basketball hoop more permanently, or if you need the space for other things, try one of our portable designs, which can be folded down, transported easily and set up quickly wherever you want to play.

Basketball training drills for kids

Whether you have two players or ten, variations of the ‘23 cones’ drill will feel like fun, while also helping kids improve their shooting skills and learn the importance of teamwork, no matter each player’s position or skill. Place up to 23 cones at one end of the court and split your players into two at the other end. Each team gets a basketball and takes it in turns to make a shot. If it goes in, they get to run to the other end and bring back a cone for their team. The team with the most cones wins. To help young basketball players with their dribbling technique, ask them to dribble from A to B in a line while also keeping their heads up. To start with, a forward movement will be enough, but as they improve ask for crossovers, through the legs and even dribbling backwards to get their confidence up. This works with just one player or several teams.