Unisex Sand-Proof Boots - Brown


Created by a team of outdoor enthusiasts, these boots have been designed for walking for several consecutive days in sandy environments.

The ultimate lightweight boot that will prevent sand from getting in between your toes during your excursions and keep your feet from overheating.

Color: BROWN / Dark sepia
Size: size guide


Product benefits



The cotton canvas makes these boots naturally breathable

Limits sand entering

Limits sand entering

The built-in gaiter prevents sand and dust from getting inside



Lightweight boots weighing less than 900 g a pair in size 9!



Cotton canvas

Technical information

Protection from sand

This shoe features an integrated gaiter, which prevents sand from entering the shoe.
For better protection against sand, we recommend pairing this shoe with the Desert 500 trousers.

Depending on the terrain, what type of boot would you recommend?

We designed these boots for sandy deserts. Indeed, the sole is very flexible, allowing your foot to roll through properly, which is ideal for walking on sand dunes. If you are trekking in a sand desert (e.g. the erg in the Sahara), these boots are ideal. If, on the other hand, you are trekking on hard rocky ground (e.g. the reg in the Sahara), then we would recommend some mountain trekking boots instead.

Why is it more breathable?

In the desert, there is no need for waterproof boots! However, most boots are waterproof thanks to a membrane that keeps the water out.
Given the desert boot's lack of a membrane, it is all the more breathable.

How to choose the size of your desert boot

In the desert (or in warm climates), the feet tend to swell. So, do not hesitate to take one size up from your usual size to ensure a comfortable trek.


2 years


UK 3 - EU 36 : 0.636 kg
UK 4 - EU 37 : 0.666 kg
UK 5 - EU 38 : 0.706 kg
UK 5.5 - EU 39 : 0.766 kg
UK 6.5 - EU 40 : 0.796 kg
UK 7 - EU 41 : 0.834 kg
UK 8 - EU 42 : 0.86 kg
UK 8.5 - EU 43 : 0.88 kg
UK 9.5 - EU 44 : 0.922 kg
UK 10.5 - EU 45 : 0.974 kg [...]

Product concept & technology

Product Composition

Upper of 100% Cotton Outer sole of 100% Styrene Ethylene Butadiene Styrene Lining and sock of 65% Polyamide, 35% Elasthane

User Directions

These shoes are not waterproof.


The entire design team visited the desert several times (Sahara in Morocco, Wadi Rum in Jordan and Adrar in Mauritania) to design the most suitable products for trekking in the desert. Test, modify, test again and make adjustments to ensure that your future treks in the desert are as comfortable as possible.

Approved By

An independent panel of trekkers (for total impartiality) in the dunes of the Sahara, in southern Morocco! These testers were recruited through our co-creation platform ( https://cocreation.decathlon.com/). They completed a trek involving 4 days of walking (6 days in all) during which they gave us feedback on the boots throughout the experience, which we used to improve them before marketing.

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Unisex Sand-Proof Boots - Brown
Unisex Sand-Proof Boots - Brown
Unisex Sand-Proof Boots - Brown
Unisex Sand-Proof Boots - Brown
Unisex Sand-Proof Boots - Brown
Unisex Sand-Proof Boots - Brown


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