Touring Ski Mountain Touring MT85 (with Bindings + Skins)


A versatile ski touring ski, with an 85mm waist, for enjoying descents without having to carry a heavy load during climbs. This ski is perfect for you.

This ski is extremely user-friendly. The paulownia construction makes it responsive and lightweight. Manoeuvrable during conversions when climbing

Size: size guide


Product benefits


1 ski with a Tour light binding = 1,790 g in 176 cm


Mountain-focused ski, versatile in all types of snow on abseiling

Ease of handling

85 mm underfoot, for a fun, manoeuvrable ski with grip on hard snow


High camber for extremely good stability at high speeds on all types of snow


The straight sidewalls spread the load along the full length of the ski

Ease of use

Available in packs with bindings and skins (cut to the length of the skis)

Technical information

Product improvement: skins net addition

Following your feedback left on our website, from September 2021 we’ve decided to add a skin net to our touring skis. Store the skins on the netting in order to maintain the stickiness of the adhesive.

What is Mountain Touring?

Mountain Touring is our definition of cross-country skiing in the mountains.
Go for it, create your climbing route far away from the ski resorts.
Go back down to where the snow looks better and the slope is less exposed to avalanche risks.
For authentic cross-country skiing.
Given the natural aspects of the mountainous surroundings, you must have good technique, prepare your outings and have a good understanding of your avalanche safety equipment.
Don't head out alone.

Weight (single ski)

Naked ski:
154 cm = 1,100 g
161 cm = 1,200 g
168 cm = 1,300 g
176 cm = 1,400 g

Weight of Tour light binding with leash = 390g

Pack: Skis + bindings + ski skins

The MT85 skis are sold as a pack with our Tour Light bindings and skins.
The binding is fitted on a plate that lets you adjust the length of the binding by 50 mm. It is therefore suitable for a wide range of foot sizes.
The baseplate is mounted according to an assembly plan for each size in order to suit everyone's needs.
Thanks to this fitting, you can lend your skis, change the boot size, etc.
It’s a huge advantage for easily introducing people to ski touring

Ski skins

The skins that come with the MT85 skis are trimmed and cut to the length and width of the ski.
They are made of 70% mohair and 30% synthetic materials – the ideal compromise in terms of gliding performance (when climbing in order to save energy) and grip (when climbing to avoid backsliding).
The skins are fitted with elastic at the front for quick fastening on the tip and an adjustable camlock on the back to fasten the skin to the tail of the ski.


Sandwich construction with straight sidewalls at the waist,
Lightweight Paulownia wooden core with fibreglass reinforcement.

What is a rocker?

On a ski with a "rocker", the nose, and sometimes the tail, raises off the ground much sooner than with a cambered ski with no rocker. This moves the points of contact towards the centre of the ski. The surface of the ski in contact with the snow is shortened: they have better handling and more buoyancy on soft snow. When leaning into turns, the edge length offers more grip on hard snow. The longer the rocker, the better the handling of the ski.


The MT85 has a pronounced rocker at the front of the tip and has a light rocker at the tail of the ski which makes it manoeuvrable and extremely easy to turn on all types of snow.

What is the camber?

When placing a ski on the ground, its points of contact are found near the nose and tail, whereas the middle of the ski (under the bindings) is slightly raised (this is the camber). The longer and higher the camber, the greater the edge grip and more responsive the ski. The lower the camber, the more forgiving the ski and the better the handling.


The MT85 has a high camber which offers good reassuring edge grip on hard snow and rebound in powder.

What are ski sidecuts?

The sidecut is determined by 3 measurements: the width of the tip (front of the ski), the waist (middle of ski) and tail (back of ski). The wider the tip, the easier the turn entry. The narrower the waist, the stronger the grip in hard snow. The wider the waist, the more comfortable and stable in different snow conditions. The wider the tail, the more stable the ski is in turns. The narrower the tail, the better the glide.


Sidecuts =

154 cm = 122/85/108 Radius: = 14m
161 cm = 122/85/108 Radius: = 16m
168 cm = 122/85/108 Radius: = 17m
176 cm = 122/85/108 Radius: = 19m

Binding adjustment length

ski length = 154 cm and 161 cm
=> Binding adjustment for boots from 257 to 307 mm
ski length = 168 cm
=> Binding adjustment for boots from 267 to 317 mm
ski length = 176 cm
=> Binding adjustment for boots from 287 to 337 mm


Ready-to-use waxed and sharpened skis. Edges sharpened to 89°

Skis without binding

From the beginning of January 2021, you can order our MT85 skis without binding on our website.
You will have the choice between various bindings: if you prefer to have a binding with ski brakes, you can choose our Tour Free binding and have it mounted in our workshops.

How do I choose my ski size?

The shorter the skis, the more manoeuvrable they are.
That's why beginners would be better off choosing shorter skis.

For ski touring, we generally recommend you choose skis:
between 5 cm and 10 cm less than your height.
The length can also change depending on where you're skiing:
In a resort, on marked routes: from -5 cm to -15 cm compared to the skier’s height,
In the mountains, from 0 to -10cm compared to the skier’s height.


2 years

Product concept & technology

Product Composition

Board 45% Wood, 20% Polyamide, 20% Glass - Fiber, 10% Steel, 5% Polyethylene


Dry the skins after each outing.
To prevent rust from forming on the ski edges, dry the edges and base after use, before storage.


The MT85 skis were tested and approved by our technical partners during the winter of 2019-2020.
Also tested during the press presentation by:
- The CTC (Community Touring Club)
- Ski Rando Mag

Approved By

Yoann: Felt very good during all of my outings. I find the skis well-balanced, and they provide good foot support whatever the incline of the slope and react well on downhill turns!


Touring Ski Mountain Touring MT85 (with Bindings + Skins)
Touring Ski Mountain Touring MT85 (with Bindings + Skins)
Touring Ski Mountain Touring MT85 (with Bindings + Skins)
Touring Ski Mountain Touring MT85 (with Bindings + Skins)
Touring Ski Mountain Touring MT85 (with Bindings + Skins)
Touring Ski Mountain Touring MT85 (with Bindings + Skins)
Touring Ski Mountain Touring MT85 (with Bindings + Skins)
Touring Ski Mountain Touring MT85 (with Bindings + Skins)


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