Leather Full Sole Demi-Pointe Shoes with Straps Sizes 7.5C to 6.5 - Pink


Our team of passionate designers created these leather full sole demi-pointe shoes for learning ballet.

Looking for durable ballet shoes? Leather full sole demi-pointe shoes offer good foot stability. The little extra: pre-stitched elastics.

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Product benefits


The supple leather offers freedom of movement.

Ease of use

The elastic is already stitched onto the shoes.


The drawstring can be adjusted for a better fit.

Technical information

Why wear full-sole demi-pointe shoes?

Full sole demi-pointe shoes are perfect for beginner ballet dancers. The full sole offers excellent foot support to keep the ankle from rolling. This makes learning ballet safer.
Always ask your teacher for advice when choosing your ballet shoes.

Why choose leather dance shoes?

The choice of leather or canvas dance shoes often depends on your teacher. It is also a question of comfort and personal preference when trying on the demi-pointe shoes. Leather is durable and lasts longer. To care for your shoes, simply wipe clean with a damp cloth.
The leather sole guarantees durability.

What are the drawstrings for?

The dance shoes have a drawstring so you can adjust them to better fit your feet.
Remember to pull each side of the cord at the same time to avoid losing the end.
Once you get the fit you want, trim the cord and tuck it inside your shoes. Always remember to do this every time you wear them!

Choosing the right size

When trying them on, your toes should be comfortably held in place without being too tight. They should not be scrunched together or curled. However, you should feel supported. If you have narrow feet, we recommend going one size down for leather shoes. Leather tends to stretch and will adapt to fit your feet over time. To check the size of the shoe, simply go up and down on your toes a few times.

That little extra for carrying your shoes

A small pouch for storing all your accessories is available in the dance aisle. It has two compartments. A first compartment for storing your bun kit, your plasters, your rosin, and all your essentials. A second compartment can be used to keep your demi-pointes separate from your other belongings.


2 years

Product concept & technology

Product Composition

Upper of 100% Leather - Bovine Outer sole of 100% Leather - Bovine Lining and sock of 100% Cotton Elastic band 55% Polyamide, 45% Elasthane

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Our engineers and product manager designed and tested this model with teachers and beginner students to create the exact product you need and want! These dancers wore these shoes during their ballet classes and shared what they thought with us so we could create a product perfectly suited to your needs.


Leather Full Sole Demi-Pointe Shoes with Straps Sizes 7.5C to 6.5 - Pink
Leather Full Sole Demi-Pointe Shoes with Straps Sizes 7.5C to 6.5 - Pink


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