Ski Touring Boots Fischer Travers Ts


Boots from the Travers family for maximum movement and generous foot space

Very precise foot adjustment for perfect fit thanks to the BOA® system and lacing pulleys.

Size: size guide
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Product benefits


1190g in size 27.5

Easy to rotate

80° rotation in walk position


Lace-up liner + lacing pulleys + adjustable buckle + Boa® system


Low tech inserts for ski touring bindings.

Ease of use

Very simple to use ski/walk system, raise and lower the lever

Technical information

How do I choose my ski touring boots?

You must select your ski touring boots based upon how you will use them.
It is a compromise between performance when descending (support/rigidity) and comfort when climbing (lightweight/rotation)
For versatile boots, (freeride, freerando or multi-purpose downhill), the 4 hooks enable more support and precision.
For resort and mountain use, the 2 hooks are more suitable, light and enable more range of movement

Liner comfort

Thanks to this precise adjustment system (Boa®), the boots fit medium to wide feet.
The thermoshape liner also improves comfort in the boots.
We recommend you also adjust your liners with laces (supplied) to avoid friction and therefore blisters

Boot adjustment system

The Boa® system enables easy customised , quick and very precise adjustment of the boot.
The lacing pulleys and eyelets enable easy adjustment from the instep to the toes as well as perfect fit of the shell to the foot's anatomy.
The 45mm velcro tab enables good support of the shin and excellent shin force transfer when descending.

What is Resort Touring

Resort Touring is our definition of ski touring in ski resorts.
Use the routes and trails marked by the ski resorts to climb up and down with ease on the ski slopes.
It enables you to discover cross-country skiing and learn the technical basics of the sport.
It is also appreciated by skiers looking for a training piste or a defined route to make easy progress.

What is Mountain Touring

Mountain Touring is our definition of cross-country skiing in the mountains.
Go for it, create your climbing route far away from the ski resorts.
Go back down to where the snow looks better and the slope is less exposed to avalanche risks.
For authentic cross-country skiing.
Given the natural aspects of the mountainous surroundings, you must have good technique, prepare your outings and have a good understanding of your avalanche safety equipment.
Don't head out alone.

Length of the outer sole of the boot

23.5 = 256mm
24.5 = 266mm
25.5 = 276mm
26.5 = 286mm
27.5 = 296mm
28.5 = 306mm
29.5 = 316mm
30.5 = 326mm


2 years

Product concept & technology


Remove your insoles after each outing to dry them.

User Directions

Do not use with Alpine standard bindings

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