This reel is designed for sea fishing from the shore or a boat.

The Ninja is the most accessible LT reel in its class. Power and light weight come together to create a reel with an unbeatable performance-cost ratio.


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Product benefits


Weight: 370g

Bearing smoothness

Number of bearings: 4

Braking power

Max.: 12 kg Usable: NC


Line retrieve per crank:92 cm ratio: 5.1:1

Technical information


- Length: 6000
- Line retrieval rate: 92cm
- Weight: 370g
- Drag weight: 12 Kg
- Usable drag: NC
- Ratio: 5,1 : 1
- Bearings: 4+1
- Spool: Aluminium
- Casing: Polycarbonate
- Rotor: Polycarbonate
- Référence: NJ18LT6000
- Spool reference: Q465201

Spool capacity:

Braided line capacity:
0,20mm / 350m
0.24mm / 210m

Monofilament capacity:
0.30mm / 260m
0.37mm / 170m


Max. power:
The most commonly communicated measurement, it indicates the spool’s maximum drag power.

Usable power:
The closest measurement to use, it takes into account the malformation of the reel rig (rotor, pick-up support, etc.) and indicates the drag casting weight: available for fighting against the fish.

Explicative video:


The Ninja is the most accessible LT reel in its class. Power and light weight come together to create a reel with an unbeatable performance-cost ratio. It has an internal High-Tech mechanism with a Tough Digigear command gear which gives it a lifespan 150% longer than the previous generation of NINJA. Combined with its arched "Air Rotor", it offers a rotation that is fluid, stable, and impressive.


LT: a new concept of miniaturisation in Daiwa reel engineering. LT (Light and Touch) technology introduces new reel sizes, smaller and stronger than ever. The new Digigear command gear has been entirely redesigned and reinforced.
Once you get an LT reel in your hands, you'll never look back!

ATD drag: Automatic Tournament Drag

The A.T.D. drag features discs impregnated with a new special grease which maximises the energy efficiency of the drag. This exceptionally high quality grease has greater initial grip, providing a more stable and more progressive drag. The risk of breakage when fighting the fish is minimised thanks to the more precise response from the ATD drag, which adapts to every phase of the fight: it is triggered faster and more gradually at the start and offers a better grip.

Air Rotor

Balance, robustness and sensitivity characterize the Air-Rotor. Weighing 15% less than a standard rotor, and with an arc-shaped profile, the Air-Rotor offers optimal smoothness of rotation and eliminates vibrations, thanks to a lower centre of gravity.

Cross Wrap

The Neo Cross-Wrap system ensures optimal line winding by crossed coils and a better line release during the cast.
This is one of the keys for preventing tangle and kinking problems with the line.

Infinite Anti Reverse

The new anti-reverse system is activated with 4 times less force than a classic system.
Less than 2g is enough to activate this Real Stopper system, eliminating rearward back play handle movement for increased sensitivity.

Silent Oscillation

Perfection of the contact points between the helical or straight gears provides close to 99% energy efficiency and silent rotation. Daiwa gear chains offer superior rotation and fluidity.

Twist Buster II

Developed by Daiwa, the TB2 pick-up roller is machined to ensure optimal line spooling when rotating.
This system reduces the risk of line kinking by up to 90% when retrieving.


The winding surface of a classic spool is cylindrical; that of the ABS is conical and limits the risk of tangling. In addition, the lip design reduces line friction to boost your casts.


2 years

Product concept & technology


Rinse and dry after each fishing trip
Loosen the drag after each fishing trip
Oil the mechanism once a year.
Ensure that your reel is dry before stowing it away.

Maintenance advice

Rinse in clean water after use.

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