Non-Anodized Aluminium Tent Pegs 15g (x5)

Price per Quantity £1.60unit

Our designers created these tent pegs for fastening your tent onto medium-soft and hard ground.

Eco-designed tent pegs (no anodising, hence no use of acid baths for finishes and colour) and lightweight for medium and hard floors.


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Product benefits


7075 aluminium. Scratch resistant. Round cross-section.

Ease of use

Hook head for better grip.


Lightweight: 15g each.

Technical information

Dimensions and weight

Length: 16 cm.
Cross-section: Ø 6 mm.
Weight: 15g per item.


Your tent pegs may look "untreated" or "used" because they are not coloured. We decided to stop anodising (chemical treatment that involves dipping the pegs in nitric and phosphoric acid baths to fix the colour and obtain a glossy finish).
They retain the same properties and all their technical characteristics in terms of durability, strength and longevity.
These actions help to reduce the environmental impact of your product.


2 years


0.075 kg
Total weight (x5)

Product concept & technology

Product Composition

Main fabric 100% Aluminium

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