Men's Golf Shoes Grip Winter - Brown


We designed these high-rise, waterproof golf shoes to provide you with excellent grip and good protection during your game when it is cold

Play golf in the coldest playing conditions! This pair of shoes is high-rise to provide more warmth whilst protecting you from the rain.

Color: Walnut brown
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Product benefits



The high-rise liner is zipped to protect you from the cold



Waterproof interior membrane



2 spike rigidities for better grip (rubber and TPU)

Easy maintenance

Easy maintenance

The high-rise liner means that you can clean your shoes by spraying with water

Technical information

Why are our shoes waterproof?

We use a waterproof membrane on the inside of the shoe.
Water-tightness is verified in lab tests which simulate a walking movement in a container of water. A visual inspection is done to detect any possible leakage inside the shoe. We also check the shoe’s weight to be sure it isn't absorbing water.

Designer's comments

This high-rise pair of shoes has been developed with a waterproof zip to ensure that your feet stay warm and that you are protected from water leaks. We have retained the laces to enable you to adjust the shoes to fit your foot snugly.

It's the details that make the difference

- Fake fur sole for more warmth and comfort.
- The watertight zip fastening under the laces makes it easier to put your shoes on.
- Waterproof membrane

How should I look after my golf shoes?

We advise you to use a damp sponge to clean your shoes.
The high-rise liner means that you can spray your shoes with water or use the compressed air systems available in some golf clubs to clean your shoes.

New sole design

Our design team developed a new golf sole with moulded spikes with 3 distinct parts:

EVA boosts cushion, which is vital when you're doing 7 or 8 km on the course
More rigid TPU spikes improve traction on the grass throughout your swing, and the more flexible rubber spikes give you more versatility as you walk the fairways.

Understanding the construction of the sole (part 1)

Part 1: EVA sole
EVA boosts cushion, which is vital when you're doing 7 or 8 km on the course. This material is spread over the entire foot, especially on the heel, for maximum comfort.

Understanding the construction of the sole (part 2)

Part 2: TPU sole
This semi-rigid TPU ensures a strong grip while remaining supple and flexible. This one-piece TPU unit features 6 spikes and a coloured main part.

To better understand the construction of the SOLE (part 3)

Part 3: Rubber sole
Rubber is softer and ensures good grip while walking. The 2 horizontal grooves under the sole make the shoe more bendable.
The front part of the sole is asymmetrical, its extension of material on the outside reinforces stability as you swing.
The rounded, enveloping front of the sole moves with your foot at the end of your swing.


The shoe weighs 446g in size 42.


2 years

Product concept & technology

Product Composition

Outer sole of 35% Rubber - Synthetic, 34% Ethylene Vinyl Acetate, 31% Thermoplastic Polyurethane Upper of 76% Polyester, 24% Polyurethane Lining and sock of 100% Polyester


Store your shoes in a dry place.
Avoid storing your shoes on a heat source.

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