Men's Clay Court Tennis Shoes Gel Challenger 13 - White/Red


This shoe is designed for intermediate tennis players with moderate-intensity footwork on clay courts.

The Asics Gel Challenger 13 tennis shoe provides extra support and stability with Wingwall™ technology while still delivering high levels of cushioning and comfort thanks to its Gel™ technology.

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Product benefits

Fitting comfort

Gel™ technology and an Ortholite™ sole provide a soft cushioned feel.


Wingwall™ technology provides greater stability when moving sideways.


GEL™ technology at the rear and front offers very good cushioning.


Wingwall™ technology offers greater support when pushing off from the sides.

Abrasion resistance

Outsole made of abrasion-resistant AHARPLUS™ material.

Technical information


330 g in size 8

GEL™ technology

Asics Gel™ technology at the front and rear of the shoe offers better cushioning and a nice soft feel that allows you to focus fully on your game.

Wingwall™ technology

Wingwall is a technology applied to the sides of the shoe that provides a great deal of stability and support during sideways footwork and changes of direction.

AHARPLUS™ material

The outsole is made of AHARPLUS™ abrasion resistant material that reduces wear in high-contact zones.

Ortholite™ sole

The Ortholite™ insole provides a soft cushioned feel for immediate comfort.


1 year

Product concept & technology


For hygiene reasons we recommend storing your shoes in a cool, dry place and removing the insoles after use to air them out.

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