M Freeride Ski Boots


For freestyle and freeriding skiers seeking tolerant boots with good absorption.

Special design. Incredibly comfortable to put on. Powerful heel support for landings and a flexible PU sole will absorb shocks.

Color: BLACK / WHITE / Fluo yellow
Size: size guide
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Product benefits



Flex 90 for skiability, powerful back support for landings



Cabrio (3 part) design for progressive flex



Flexible PU sole to absorb shocks.

Easy dressing

Easy dressing

Cabrio design to be easy to put on.



3 tightening buckles, one strap and foot width of 102.

Fitting comfort

Fitting comfort

Sockliner with an ergonomic tongue covering the shin.

Technical information

CABRIO technology

This technology combines a 3 part design (shell/upper/tongue) which comfortably supports the foot and the bottom of the leg while optimising a soft and progressive flex. This type of boot is extremely versatile and enables high performance on varied terrains and snow conditions.

Shock absorption

Full-length PU sole in the shell, under the liner. It absorbs all vibrations. It also enables better absorption of chocks on landings.


Wide fit that is comfortable and warm for those who want to ski everywhere. Good heel support


3 buckles. Easy to adapt the volume of your lower leg without tools, by rotating and moving the base of the buckle sideways.


To provide an indication of rigidity, brands assign a flex rating to every boot. This figure indicates the rigidity of the whole boot: the higher its value, the stiffer the shell.
It is generally considered that a flex of 60 is for average to intermediate level skiers.
A flex from 65 to 75 is for intermediate skiers. Beyond this value, the products are aimed at advanced skiers. Well-built skiers can go up one level

How do you try on ski boots?

Once the foot is in the boot, fasten the buckles to the midpoint. Can you go further? This means the volume of the boot isn't right for you. Once the boot is closed, you must flex the boots 3 times by pressing hard on the shins (put your hands on your knees to help) and push your heel backwards inside the boot. Stand upright: your foot should touch the end of the shell. When you flex, your foot should move backwards so you can no longer feel the end.


2 years

Product concept & technology


Dry your boots before storing them. Store them with the hooks closed in a ski boot bag in a warm room.

User Directions

Do not dry on a radiator.

Maintenance advice

Dry after each usage. Dry in a dry and ventilated place.


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