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Kitesurfing kite - W - PERFORMANCE FREERIDE - 5m²


Designed for independent riders looking for a performance freeride kite for surf, twin-tip or foil kitesurfing.

Sizes available: 5 - 7 - 9 and 12 m2


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Product benefits


crossover kite for strapless, twin-tip, or foil kitesurfing.

Technical information

Kite usage specifications

Low aspect ratio and significant depth for maximum drift and power in low wind speeds.

Can be used with any universal four-line power/depower bar, with "knots" in front and "buckles" to the back.
Bayonet inflation valve, compatible with pumps with a bayonet valve nozzle (ORAO-type pump)

Technical features of the kite

Spinnaker "Techno Force D2" double ripstop.
Dacron "175LL"
"KEVLAR/NYLON" anti-abrasion reinforcement
One pump system
3 struts

The premium-quality materials are a benchmark in the world of kitesurfing.
They have been selected for their resistance to abrasion and tearing, their rigidity and light weight.
They have undergone a 200-hour UV-resistance test in a laboratory.

Strap and bag resistance tested using a laboratory Jerk Test loaded with 20 kg

Bag usage specifications

We have completely redesigned this bag to meet your needs.
Its uncluttered design without zips or rip-tab allows you to store one or two kites while always having a bag perfectly suited to the volume you need, like a compression bag.
You can easily tailor the attachment of your bar and pump on the outside of the bag
Its large "canyon" type opening makes storage ultra-practical.

Internal pocket with instructions and repair kit
Weight: 600 g


Adhesive canopy repair fabric.
One pump repair kit (tube/clips/connectors x 2)
Bladder repair kit with abrasive paper and patches


Current French legislation requires that you mark your contact details on the kite. We recommend you use a strong pharmaceutical-grade adhesive or special sticker for marking your contact details.

If you sail more than 300 metres from land, you must wear a 50 N buoyancy aid or neoprene wetsuit with a tracking beacon light with a 6-hour battery life.
We recommend that you always have a knife or line cutter on you


All of our spare parts are available in PSS, contact our design team directly by email


Here at ORAO, our mission is to design and develop technical products of a high quality, so that you can benefit from high-performance and improved safety during your sessions.
Our team of Product Managers, Designers, Engineers, and Prototype Technicians are based in Lille, in the DECATHLON Product R&D centre. It’s a location designed to allow them to invent, prototype, design and develop our future product ranges.
The tests allow us to guarantee products reliability and kitesurfers safety.


2 years

Product concept & technology


Let dry before folding.
Store in a dry place away from direct sunlight.For maximum durability, do not leave inflated on the beach for more than 30 minutes.


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