Children's Softshell Walking Jacket - 2-6 Years - Navy

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Our team of parents of young hikers has designed this softshell jacket to protect your child from the wind and the cold during their outdoor activities.

With its membrane component, the jacket is fit for purpose on all your child's adventures. It protects them from the wind, as well as from fine rain while they find shelter.

Color: Dark grey / Vermilion
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Product benefits


Excellent protection from the wind thanks to its membrane.

Water repellent

Protects from fine rain - water rolls off it while you look for shelter


The brushed fleece and softshell components insulate the body’s heat


The microporous membrane wicks perspiration away from the body


Durable component that is specially chosen for young adventurers!2-year warranty

Technical information

Water-repellent component (different to being waterproof)

Water-repellency is a feature obtained by applying a treatment that prevents water from adhering to the surface of the fabric.
It "slides off" without being absorbed, so the garment remains light, breathable and warm. Be careful: this does not mean it’s waterproof.
This treatment can be repeated to keep all its effectiveness. Use sprays that are applied to the outside, rather than additives used when washing the garment, which can damage the product's breathability.


Wind protection is very important because of the significant chill effect that wind can have on the body, whether you are active or at rest.According to the "windchill" model, which measures how the air temperature feels when factoring in the wind & cold:At a temperature of 5°C combined with winds of 30km/h, the temperature felt will be 0°C. If the air temperature is 0°C & wind speed is 30km/h, the temperature felt will be -6°C. The materials used help to counter the chilling effects of the wind

Microporous membrane

The membrane is a polyurethane layer sandwiched between the softshell jacket's inner and outer fabrics. It protects from the wind and therefore ensures that body heat does not escape. This membrane is also breathable: it wicks away water vapour generated by the body through its microscopic pores to the outside of the garment, preventing moisture build-up and keeping you warm and dry!

A score for comparing products' environmental impact

A product's environmental impact is calculated over its entire life cycle using various indicators.
A score from A to E is produced to help you make a responsible choice.
This rating is used to easily identify the products with the best environmental performance.
This is done by making a comparison between products of the same family (e.g. backpacks).
Decathlon is a voluntary supporter of this environmentally-friendly labelling approach.

Product design: our expertise

Our Quechua global design centre is based in Passy, at the foot of Mont-Blanc in Haute Savoie.
This location makes it a real meeting place for our teams (designers, product managers, engineers, etc) and outdoor sports enthusiasts.
A great asset for designing your mountain walking products and providing you with all our expertise.


2 years


2-3years/2'9"-3'1" : 0.23 kg
3-4years/3'2"-3'3" : 0.244 kg
4-5years/3'4"-3'7" : 0.274 kg
5-6years/3'7"-3'9" : 0.292 kg

Product concept & technology

Product Composition

Main fabric 100% Polyester Main lining 100% Polyester Coating 100% Polyurethane


Store on a hanger or folded in a clean, dry place

User Directions

Keep away from flames and heat sources.


Our Decathlon Sportslab laboratory, based in Lille, also contributes to the innovation and development of our Quechua products.
It brings together 4 themes, each with their own area and technological tools:
Body shape (3D analysis in particular)
Movement science
Thermal comfort (with its four climatic chambers)
Behavioural and sensory sciences

Approved By

To meet your kids’ requirements, Quechua products are tested in the mountains in conditions that you will come across during your hikes.
Sarah, our Field Test Engineer, as well as a panel of child testers, test the products throughout their development until they’re offered for sale.

Maintenance advice

Machine wash - 40° max - normal

Do not bleach

Tumble dry - low heat

Do not iron

Do not dry-clean


Children's Softshell Walking Jacket - 2-6 Years - Navy
Children's Softshell Walking Jacket - 2-6 Years - Navy
Children's Softshell Walking Jacket - 2-6 Years - Navy

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Environmental Impact

The carbon footprint of this product is:
0.3 kg CO2e
1 kg of CO2e represents 5km in a petrol car (according to the Base Carbone© of ADEME)
What's the carbon footprint ? We evaluate the environmental impact of all our products. At all stages of their life cycle: from the extraction of the raw material, passing through transport to the plant which transforms them, the transformation, the manufacture, the transport of the finished product, until its use and end of life. Find out more
The environmental note of this product is: A
What is the environmental note? Overall environmental score for this product in comparison to others in the same category. It is calculated based on its impact on the environment (air and water emissions, greenhouse gas emissions, depletion of natural resources) at each stage of its life cycle, according to a system managed by ADEME. Find out more