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Handgrip - Strong Resistance


This accessory is designed to strengthen the forearms. Its strong resistance is perfect for strength training.

This accessory is an essential tool to strengthen your forearms at any time of day. It can be carried and tucked away anywhere: a handbag, drawer, pockets etc.


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Product benefits

Compact design

Compact design

The Handgrip Ring is lightweight and compact for easy transport and storage.

Ease of use

Ease of use

No adjustment necessary, just pick it up and start getting stronger!

Technical information

Why tone your forearms?

Have you ever felt pain or tightness in your forearms when exercising?
If so, you need to strengthen your forearms. Doing hand grip exercises is a great way to do that.
Building forearm strength is important for improving your performance during sports activities requiring a strong grip, such as weight training, tennis, rock climbing, etc. It will also make everyday activities easier, like carrying packs of water.

How to use the Handgrip Ring

Place the ring in the palm of your hand and squeeze.
The round shape fits perfectly in the hand.


2 years

Product concept & technology

Product Composition

Structure 100% Thermo Polymer Elastomer

User Directions

This is not a teether ring.


This resistance is the equivalent of around 40 kg

Approved By

Domyos club physiotherapists.

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Handgrip - Strong Resistance
Handgrip - Strong Resistance
Handgrip - Strong Resistance

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