City Cycling PPE Day & Night Visibility Poncho 560 - Neon Yellow/Black


Do you want to protect yourself from the rain on urban bike rides or when bike commuting? Pair this long-sleeved poncho with a pair of overtrousers.

Ride and sing in the rain with this PPE certified poncho that keeps you visible both day and night. Folds down so you can take it anywhere. Do not use in strong winds.

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Eco designed

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Product benefits


Stay dry for up to 2 hours when cycling. 100% waterproof seams.


Be visible both day and night thanks to its neon colour and reflective strips.


Position the hood over or under your helmet using the pleats.


Stay well covered thanks to the leg and hand attachment points.

Field of vision

Broaden your horizons thanks to the shape of the hood and its adjustment options

Freedom of movement

Ride comfortably thanks to the sleeves and adjustable hood.

Compact design

Easily pack it away into its front pocket.


Product made from 51% recycled polyester so as not to be wasteful.

Technical information


Poncho designed for bike commuting, with a loose fit so you can wear it over your normal jacket and a 20-litre backpack.
Unisex cut that covers you from head to thigh.
You can wear your helmet over the hood or under it, except for bulky helmets such as bowl-type helmets.
Adjustable hood that follows your head movements.
Packs away into its pouch: W 26.5 x H 22.5 x D 5.5 cm.

How to stay dry

Even though this poncho protects your upper body really well (from your head to your knees), it's vital to pair it with overtrousers to protect your legs from the rain. Unfortunately, the poncho doesn't protect your shoes and so, in heavy downpours, this could leave you with very damp feet. The poncho's advantage lies in how easy it is to put on and to pack away into your pannier bags. Transform yourself in seconds!


This poncho is waterproof thanks to the durability and coating of its fabric and its sealed seams. The resistance of a fabric to water pressure is expressed in mm of a water jet (test based on standard ISO 811). Our material is resistant to the pressure from 2000 mm of water after 5 washes. The finished product is approved in a shower test in the lab, where we recreate the conditions of an average downpour: 60 L water per square metre per hour for 2 hours.


This poncho is certified for DAY and NIGHT VISIBILITY (EN1150 standard), with reflective strips to make cyclists visible even at night.
The reflective elements have been carefully positioned to account for the constraints of cycling so that they guarantee visibility at 50 m at night when car headlights are shone on them.


Hydrophilic coating (RET =< 12): limits condensation inside the garment. To see whether a fabric is breathable, we test its evaporative resistance or RET (based on the ISO 11092 standard). The lower its resistance, the more the fabric lets water vapour produced by the body escape, and the more breathable it is.
For example: RET < 9 = extremely breathable fabric. 9 < RET < 12 = highly breathable fabric. 12 < RET < 20 = breathable fabric. RET > 20 = slightly or not breathable fabric.


By recycling plastic bottles and worn fabrics to produce our polyester, we reduce the use of petroleum-based natural resources while retaining the qualities and performances you need from your product. Fabric dyeing requires lots of water, with large amounts of wastewater also released from the dye vats. To reduce this environmental impact, we use a dope dyeing technique, where the pigment is applied during production of the thread itself.


A product's environmental impact is calculated for its entire life cycle using various indicators.
An overall rating (ABCDE) is given, allowing you to easily identify products with the best environmental performance by comparing similar products to each other (T-shirts, trousers, backpacks etc.).

Decathlon openly displays the environmental ratings of its products.
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2 years


0.46 kg

Product concept & technology

Product Composition

Main fabric 100% Polyester Lower part - Main fabric 100% Polyester Coating 100% Polyurethane


Leave your product to fully dry after use before packing it away.We also recommend using a waterproofing spray on your poncho after washing it.

User Directions

Not suitable in strong winds and at a fast pace (over 20 km / h)


100% watertight seams, tested in the lab. This product has passed a shower test under 60 L water/sqm/hour for 2 hours. This test reproduces the average conditions of a downpour.

Approved By

This PONCHO is an item of personal protective equipment (PPE) that makes the wearer more visible.
It has been tested for compliance with CE standards by a notified body: SGS Fimko, no. 0598, Takomotie 8, 00380 Helsinki, Finland. The CE test was performed on the basis of the requirements of standard NF EN1150 for category 2 PPE.

Maintenance advice

Machine wash - 30° max - gentle

Do not bleach

Do not tumble dry

Do not iron

Do not dry-clean


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Environmental Impact

The carbon footprint of this product is:
21.87 kg CO2e
1 kg of CO2e represents 5km in a petrol car (according to the Base Carbone© of ADEME)
What's the carbon footprint ? We evaluate the environmental impact of all our products. At all stages of their life cycle: from the extraction of the raw material, passing through transport to the plant which transforms them, the transformation, the manufacture, the transport of the finished product, until its use and end of life. Find out more
The environmental note of this product is: B
What is the environmental note? Overall environmental score for this product in comparison to others in the same category. It is calculated based on its impact on the environment (air and water emissions, greenhouse gas emissions, depletion of natural resources) at each stage of its life cycle, according to a system managed by ADEME. Find out more