Boxing Sparring Gloves 900 - Black/Silver


A boxing glove specifically designed for sparring. Its innovative design keeps both the wearer and their partner comfortable.

These are the perfect boxing gloves for sparring. Their ergonomic shape, triple-density foam and innovative wrist strap system guarantee unrivalled comfort

Color: Steel grey / BLACK
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Product benefits


Ergonomic, triple-density foam.

Joint support

Wrist strap with padding on the inside.

Abrasion resistance

Durable synthetic coating for intensive training.

Technical information


To design this glove, we studied the anatomy of the hand in collaboration with the Decathlon SportsLab. This is how we created an ergonomic glove that fits the shape of your hand perfectly by following its natural curves (from the thumb to the little finger).
So the foam is always in contact with your fingers, guaranteeing optimal cushioning during strikes.

Outstanding wrist support!

To ensure optimal wrist support, we extended the glove's foam all the way to the wrist to create a cuff in that shape, making it easier to put the glove on.
To give you the same fit as a lace-up glove, we've added an internal tongue that provides support inside the glove itself.
Another innovation from the Outshock team!

Triple-density foam

The BG900 is a glove designed for sparring that matches your frequent and intensive boxing training routine.
To provide you and your training partner with added comfort, and especially added cushioning, we've created a larger glove with a more flexible coating and triple-density foam.
- flexible inner foam provides greater comfort
- stiffer intermediate foam absorbs shocks
- flexible outer foam cushions your sparring partner from blows

We are proud to present...

A product that we designed from scratch. The first thing that we wanted was a glove that ensured greater support, comfort, and cushioning.
Next, a 3-person design team worked on anatomic research with the Decathlon SportsLab, a host of prototypes, close communications with our suppliers, and real-world use tests with a dozen high-level boxers.
We are happy to introduce the results: a glove that is comfortable, has an ergonomic fit, and provides better protection.

Why wear wraps or inner gloves?

For optimal protection of your hands and gloves, be sure to wear:
- INNER GLOVES that are easy to put on. They stop your hands rubbing and absorb perspiration to make your gloves last longer.
- BOXING WRAPS, a basic boxing accessory!
They are designed to support your joints (metacarpals and wrists) while absorbing perspiration.


2 years

Product concept & technology

Product Composition

Padding 100% Polyurethane Main fabric 50% Polyurethane, 46% Polyester, 4% Elasthane Lining 100% Polyester


Remember to take your gloves out of your sports bag after every session to help them dry faster; you can also use our GLOVE DRYER.

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This product was tested and approved by our boxing teams under demanding conditions. Come try our products in your nearest Decathlon store.

Maintenance advice

Do not wash

Do not bleach

Do not tumble dry

Do not iron

Do not dry-clean

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