Bag Cover with Automatic Brake Sensor and Indicators

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Designed to improve your safety. A built-in LED panel and remote control for warning other road users to a change in speed or direction.

The LED backpack rain cover is ideal for indicating a change in direction in any circumstance.Easily fits urban backpacks, up to 40L, with an elastic grip and velcro


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Product benefits



LED lights display the indicator arrows and stop lamps



Waterproof fabric and watertight seams.



4-5 h continuous use with batteries. USB charger Remote batteries included



3 directions indicated by green arrows, red hazard lights, and automatic brake



Bluetooth connectivity between the remote and bag cover panel.

Technical information

Battery life of the panel and remote

The panel comes with a USB charging cable.The panel's battery lasts between 4-5 hours continuously when charged. A low battery signal (two flashing LED lights) will indicate when the battery level is less than 20% when turned on. The remote operates on the 2 CR2025 batteries included.
The batteries' life is around 50 hours of active use.To improve the battery's life, turn off the remote by pressing the on button for 2 seconds.

Connecting the bag and the remote

1. Press the button on the back of the indicator panel for 5 seconds to initiate the connection.The "!" LED signal will start flashing.
2. Press the "!" button on the remote for 5 seconds to connect. All the LEDs will start flashing.
3. Press the "!" button on the remote once to confirm the connection.

4. The LED lights on the remote and indicator panel will start lighting up if the connection is successful.

5. Restart the process if the connection is unsuccessful

Attaching the remote to a bike or scooter frame

Wrap the rubber strap around the handlebars to secure the remote.Be sure to attach the remote in the right direction. WARNING: mobile phone antennas may occasionally interfere with the communication between the remote and LED panel If the connection is lost, restart the connection procedure.

When can it be used?

Day or night, rain or shine, this bag cover keeps you visible in traffic.
The remote is backlit for better visibility at night and the fabric is waterproof.


2 years

Product concept & technology

Product Composition

Bag cover 100% Polyester Battery 100% Lithium Complex


Bag cover: charge the battery regularly to prevent a long period of inactivity. Do not store in cold environments.
Remote control: always turn off when not in use

User Directions

Not a substitute for mandatory standard lights.


ROHS tests, EMC, EN 62471, RF, AZO and RED Directives.

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