Adult Aggressive Inline Skates USD Sway - Black/White


Aggressive Hardboot inline skates designed for both beginner and experienced skaters.

The expertise of USD, The authority in aggressive inline skating.

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Product benefits


Very hard thanks to its injected shell (plastic and fibreglass)


Rigid cuff combined with micrometric buckles and laces.

Fitting comfort

USD Basic Dual liner and EVA soles.

Glide quality

57mm USD Team wheels with 89A hardness, Wicked ABEC 5 bearings.

Technical information

Upper and liner

Stiff upper guarantees good lateral support, for both beginner and experienced skaters. Removable USD liner.

Kizer frame

THE gold standard in frames:Kizer Fluid V GFK model with UFS fastening."Flat" assembly with built-in H-block to easily move and glide.
Dimensions: 245mm (4.5 to 8.5) and 268mm (9 to 11.5).

What is a "UFS" frame?

A frame is called "UFS" (Universal Frame System) when it conforms to standard dimensions so that frames can be easily changed thanks to a standard distance between the screws and a single frame width.
With this system, you can use all UFS frames on all UFS skates.

What is a "flat" assembly?

To have"flat" wheels means that you have 4 wheels touching the ground.Assembly specially adapted to ramps to provide more speed and manoeuvrability.

Soul plate

Soulplate made from a single piece, guaranteeing good durability, with built-in Groove so that you can stall while grinding.

Wheels, bearings, axles, and spacers.

57mm USD Team wheels with 89A hardness and wicked ABEC 5 bearings.
Dual 8mm/4mm hex steel axles and metal spacer.

What is "Dual Fit"

This skate is equipped with the USD Basic Dual liner that fits 2 sizes. Thanks to stretchy material at the forefoot, it stretches to one size larger without putting pressure on your toes.


2 years excluding wear parts (wheels, bearings)

Product concept & technology


We recommend you keep your inline skates in a dry, cool place. After use do not dry near to a naked flame or in direct contact with a heat source.

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