This scope sight has been designed for use on an air rifle or 22 LR fitted with an 11 mm rail.

A ready-to-use scope fitted with its 11 mm mount for quick and easy installation. With a magnification of 3 X to 9 X, this will allow you to increase your accuracy on target


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Product benefits



Variable zoom from 3 to 9

Impact protection

Impact protection

Impact-resistant 30 mm diameter aluminium tube

Easy assembly / dismantling

Easy assembly / dismantling

Supplied with 2 mounting clips 11 mm for compressed air or 22LR rifle

Image quality

Image quality

40mm lens

Technical information


Magnification range: Zoom adjustable from 3 X to 9 X
Diopter adjustment at the eyepiece.
Lens diameter: 40 mm
Tube diameter: 30 mm
Length: 305 mm
Weight: 508 g
Reticle type: Cross no. 8 "Duplex" type

Sight mechanical data

The turrets are graduated in ¼ of MoA which corresponds to: - 7 mm at 100 m per click
- 0.7 mm at 10 m per click
All easily adjustable with a tool-free grip

Supplied with an Allen key to mount the clamps

Assembly advice:

- The scope is sold with its Allen key; use it to unscrew the two lower screws of the mounts. - Slide the scope on the 11 mm rail of your weapon, hold it and very lightly tighten the two screws.
- Position yourself behind the weapon, if you see perfectly in the scope it is correctly positioned.
- If this is not the case, slide the scope in the rail in order to obtain the correct distance between your eye and the eyepiece (8 to 10 cm from your eye).

Adjusting the scope sight to your vision

- Aim at a white wall and observe the cross-hairs on your scope sight. They should appear sharply defined. If not, hold the eyepiece (the part closest to your eyes) and turn it carefully. This adjustment focuses the cross-hairs in accordance with your vision.
- Once you have found the position where the cross-hairs appear well-defined, tighten the locknut situated between the zoom ring and eyepiece to prevent the eyepiece from being moved unintentionally.

How to adjust your scope sight to shift the point of impact

- Unscrew the protective caps on the turrets.
- The upper turret adjusts the height (vertical axis) of your point of impact, and is marked UP to indicate the direction for raising your point of impact.
- The turret situated on the right-hand side of your scope sight adjusts in the horizontal axis, and is marked R (Right) to shift your point of impact further to the right.
- Refer to the table in the photos to find out the value of a click depending on the distance of your target.


2 years

Product concept & technology

User Directions

Not suitable for guns equipped with a weaver or Picatinny rail.


A few words from the product manager: This scope makes it easy to practice recreational rifle shooting. Beware, however, of use on large calibre rifles which may prove to be too brutal for this scope.


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