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Which Wellies are best for walking?

Keep your feet dry, warm, and comfortable, and weather the storm in style. We have compiled this guide to help you choose the best wellies for your next trip.

Walking in the UK throughout the year often means facing wet conditions. A dedicated pair of wellies is essential, whether you're braving grey clouds on your commute or taking your dog for a walk in less-than-perfect weather. Discover what to consider when choosing the right pair and explore our top wellies recommendations for both men and women below.

Walking Wellies

Walking wellies are designed specifically for flat walks in challenging, muddy conditions. They differentiate themselves from regular footwear with features tailored for navigating damp terrains:

• Robust natural rubber construction
• Enhanced grip on the soles
• Comprehensive coverage
• Complete waterproofing

While most walking wellies are crafted from natural rubber—prized for comfort and sustainability—there are PVC alternatives available. These tend to be more affordable, though they often lack the support and flexibility of materials like Gore-Tex. When choosing, think about the frequency of use and the extremity of weather conditions you'll encounter. If you intend to wear them only occasionally, synthetic rubber might be a more cost-effective choice than splashing out on a high-end pair that won't see frequent wear.

Best Wellington Boots for Walking UK

Finding the best wellington boots for walking in the UK is all about finding the proper soles and the extra features that promise long-term wear and comfort. Look out for wellies that are:

Durable: Withstand wet and muddy weather conditions and stay intact when worn on concrete. This will require excellent soles offering grip and flexibility.
Resistant: Offer slip-resistance and are 100% waterproof
Warm: Offer insulation to maintain the temperature with a snug fit.

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Best Short Wellies for Walking

While our list of recommendations predominantly features long wellies for enhanced outdoor protection, short wellies serve as an excellent alternative for gardening during damp conditions. Decathlon's selection showcases some of the finest short wellies, ideal for brief wear without the commitment to a full-sized welly. Typically crafted from rubber and neoprene, these present a softer, more pliable, and lightweight option, even suitable as streetwear.

To assist you in identifying the best wellington boots for walking, we've compiled a list of top recommendations, encompassing walking wellies for both women and men.


Best Wellington Boots for Ladies

1. Solognac Women’s Tall Wellies

The Solognac walking wellies are an outstanding choice for outdoor adventures where rain is anticipated. They offer robust and snug boots, enhanced with a 4mm foam insole to ensure long-lasting comfort.

Stability and support are paramount, and these boots don’t disappoint. The boot's rear is reinforced, effectively supporting your ankle. This design minimises the risk of injuries, particularly when you find yourself on rocky terrains. For women, our tall wellies also boast a side gusset, ensuring they’re easy to slip on and off.

Moreover, with a minimum 2-year warranty, these women's walking wellies are crafted to withstand wild vegetation. They promise a snug fit and a grooved sole, complete with 5mm lugs, ensuring optimal grip.

Tribord Sailing 100 Adult Wellies

2. Tribord Sailing 100 Adult Wellies

The Tribord Sailing 100 is flawlessly waterproof, ensuring your feet remain dry—ideal for boating during those rainy days or just meandering along the coast. Planning a seaside jaunt but not keen on a paddle? The Tribord wellies are your best bet.

Not only do they offer superior grip and resistance to sea salt, but they also come with a reassuring 2-year warranty. Touted as one of the most comfortable wellies available, the Tribord perfectly complements your rainwear. Specifically crafted for maritime adventures, they boast a rubber exterior and a non-slip sole for added safety.



The Navitas are the quintessential choice for all-year wear, particularly if you're residing in the UK. Equipped with a detachable thermal liner, these wellies adapt seamlessly to both chilly and temperate climates, ensuring comfort during extended wear.

They not only offer protection in conditions as frosty as -30°C, but also stand out from even the top-tier wellies in terms of insulation. And they float! This feature makes them perfect for margin wading.

Moreover, their practical rear kick-off plate ensures ease of donning and doffing, offering the pinnacle of convenience.

Cotswold Women's Grosvenor Chelsea Wellington

4. Cotswold Women's Grosvenor Chelsea Wellington

The Cotswold wellies is a classic, timeless design and one of our best wellies for walking for women and brings the versatility you need to wear it year-round.

This means you can wear a pair of Cotswold’s finest in the countryside or for a city break under grey clouds and not be slowed down. Unlike most wellies, these will give your feet breathability while offering a snug fit to keep your feet comfortable when walking for extended periods of time.

One of the best wellington boots for ladies, Cotswold Grosvenor wellies feature a waterproof neoprene lining and outer for extra warmth and comfort. Of course, the style isn’t far behind either, a trendy twist on the Cotswold for the fashion-forward, find your fit.

Dunlop Women’s Pricemastor 380BV Wellington Boots

5. Dunlop Women’s Pricemastor 380BV Wellington Boots

The Dunlop wellies are the ideal boot for a countryside walk with little chance of slipping and are a favourite for temporary workers.

Fully waterproof, made out of PVC and self-lined, these walking wellies impress in comfort, quality and look. The affordable option for the best wellington boots for ladies, browse a range of colours, sizes and designs.

Best Men’s Wellies for Walking

To find the best men’s wellies for walking, you don’t have to look much further than our list of recommendations below. Featuring the traction, protection and support you need to make a difference in your next rainy day outing, check out our best long and short wellies for walking below.


1. Solognac Waterproof Tall Wellies

The Solognac wellies are exceptionally lightweight, topping our range at a mere 1.4kg for an average adult size, ensuring you stave off fatigue. Not only are they waterproof, ensuring your feet remain dry and cosy during wet excursions, but they also boast tear and abrasion resistance, safeguarding against wild vegetation.

Solognac doesn't compromise on comfort when it comes to their best men's wellies for walking. A generous 4mm thick cushioning ensures optimum comfort as you traverse puddle-strewn paths, all while maintaining a 100% waterproof seal.

Solognac wellies reinforcement 500

2. Solognac Reinforced Wellies

You won’t go wrong with Solognac’s reinforced wellies range for extra stability and support. These are hard-wearing and comfortable and will give you some peace of mind as you make your way across muddy conditions and minimise the risk of injury. This is further reinforced by its heel cushioning for greater shock absorption on occasions when you’ll be putting a more significant burden on your feet. So you can keep going for longer!

These Solognacs are also the hygienic option; the insoles are antibacterial and a great addition if you’ll be trekking for a while, and they offer wide lugs for better grip all around. Perfect for rougher conditions and providing excellent support - get your non-slip wellies here.

Our pair of Solognac’s reinforced wellies are also abrasion and vegetation resistant for wellies that last.

Solognac wellies glenarm 300

3. Solognac Lightweight Tall Wellies

Need a little extra coverage for deeper waters? Our lightweight wellies offer just that, as well as excellent grip and resistance to perforation and abrasion.

To protect your joints, these also come fitted with durable 3mm insole cushioning for greater shock absorption so you can stay light on your feet for hours of wear. Our Solognac wellies don’t sacrifice lightweight for strength and are designed to exceed in both.

And don’t worry; these wellies know how to shield you from the elements with powerful waterproofing while giving you a snug fit for all-day comfort.

Aigle Parcours 2 Wellies

4. Aigle Parcours 2 Wellies

The Aigle Parcour 2 Wellies stand out with their multi-layer rubber soles. This offers highly hard-wearing protection against the elements, minimising the burden on your feet. The tri-density soles, therefore, act as the anti-fatigue choice, keeping your feet comfortable all day long.

For triple abrasion resistance and triple comfort, Aigle also impresses in grip, with 360-degree energy absorption and high grip lugs for ultimate stability.

Packed with performance features, they are designed in such a way as to remain durable no matter where you’re trekking, staying rain-ready for the long haul.

Solognac Warm Tall Wellies

5. Solognac Warm Tall Wellies

These wellies are made to bring the heat; offering excellent insulation second to none, the 4mm neoprene lining ensures thermal comfort as long as you are on your feet. And we’re all about comfort here; the heel cushioning brings the necessary shock absorption to keep you light on your feet while the reinforced back holds the ankle in place through any uphill and downhill climb.

Whether it’s grip, durability or the convenience of a back boot puller for easy wear, the Solognac warm tall Wellies are a winter favourite as you stay protected against the damp and cold.

Prep for rainy weather

With a wealth of styles to suit any budget, discover the perfect fit that doesn't compromise on comfort or durability. Explore our selection below to find the best walking wellies for women and the finest men's wellies for walking. Set out on your next adventure!

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