What Hockey bag do I need?

What Hockey Bag Do I Need?

The hockey stick bag has been an staple of player's car boots and doorways for decades. Let us guide you through the decision making process.

What size bag do I need?

How to choose a stickbag is a big question! Depending how you get to hockey you will need a different one, sometimes two!

There are generally five types of bag to consider for outfield players: a slim sleeve bag, a basic stick bag, a medium stick bag, a large stick bag and a ruck sack.

Sleeve Bag

The sleeve bag is not carried by Decathlon any longer as it is not practical and is lost quite often by kids. For the same price you can get far greater value in a bigger bag. So at the start of the 2018/19 season we got rid of these.

Small stick bag

The basic stick bag carries 1 stick and generally has one large pocket and a small pocket for keys, phone etc. This is great for beginners and intermediate players. The FH150 stick bag can hold 1 stick, with a mesh pocket for a drink bottle, a small pocket for keys and phone, and a larger one for shoes. Most people can put their shin pads in the stick compartment to save space.

Medium stick bag

The Medium stick bag can hold 1-2 sticks and has 2 large pockets and 2 mesh pockets. The FH500 stick bag has 2 zipped sheaths for 1-2 sticks on the sides. Two large zipped compartments. Waterproof flap on the top fastened with adjustable buckles. A small, easy-access zip pocket on the top for a mouthguard and other items. Two large mesh pockets on the sides for a water bottle or something of a similar size. An expanding pocket and 2 small zip pockets on the inside of the top compartment.

Hockey Backpack

The ruck sack is great for cycling and commuting. It is worth considering the position of the stick if you are a cyclist. If the stick is diagonally placed it may interfere with your vision when doing a shoulder check in the UK. If you can find a model with side mounted stick pockets or straps we would recommend this. There is no beginner, intermediate or advanced consideration with a ruck sack - it's about your priorities in usage.

Other points to note

Other things to look out for are additional grab straps to help you get the bag in and out of the car, what materials are used (are they durable for the pitch you play on?), do you need one bag for training because you cycle there and one for games because you need a change of clothes after the match?

So in conclusion think about the following:

• How many sticks do I need?
• How will I transport my bag to the club or pitch?
• What sort of things do I carry in it?

You're good to go!

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