Lifetime Warranty On Decathlon Bikes Sold After 1 June 2013

Lifetime Warranty On Decathlon Bikes Sold After 1 June 2013

Decathlon offers its customers a Limited Lifetime Warranty against defects in material and workmanship as specified in the following terms

The Limited Lifetime Warranty

The Limited Lifetime Warranty is provided by DECATHLON in relation to all metal DECATHLON frames purchased directly from DECATHLON after the 1st of June 2013. The Limited Lifetime Warranty shall extend to the following parts of DECATHLON bikes which are purchased fully assembled directly from DECATHLON after the 1st of June 2013: metal frames, rigid metal forks (meaning forks without suspension), handlebars, stems and seat posts (excluding carbon handlebars, stems and seat posts).
In order to qualify for the Limited Lifetime Warranty, the buyer must:

• Have a DECATHLON Card and the details of the frame or bike purchased must be recorded on the buyer's DECATHLON Card at the store tills; or

• Register the purchase by completing the warranty certificate available on the, within one month from the date of purchase. When registering, the buyer must provide at least the following information: the buyer's name, address, telephone number, email address, serial number of the bike and the date of purchase.

The term of this Limited Lifetime Warranty runs from the date of registration for the lifetime of the product. Any claim under this Limited Lifetime Warranty may only be made in the country where the DECATHLON bike was purchased. Only the original registered owner of the bike may benefit from this Limited Lifetime Warranty. This Limited Lifetime Warranty shall not extend to any Decathlon bike that is purchased second hand or that is purchased from anyone other than DECATHLON.


If you consider that you have a claim under your Limited Lifetime Warranty you must bring the relevant DECATHLON  frame or bike parts covered by this Warranty, to your nearest DECATHLON store. You will be required to produce your DECATHLON Card, on which the details of your bike were recorded at the time of purchase, or a copy of the relevant warranty certificate which you completed within one month of the date of purchase. DECATHLON  reserves the right to verify if all the conditions of the Limited Lifetime Warranty are met and to implement all appropriate and necessary measures to verify this. Such rights shall include, without limitation, to have the alleged damage or defect examined by a third party.

This Limited Lifetime Warranty is limited to the repair or replacement of a defective DECATHLON frame or part covered by this warranty and is the sole remedy of the warranty. DECATHLON reserves the right to replace a defective DECATHLON frame or bike part with one that it feels is a more suitable replacement.

Important Information

Any damage or failure caused by misuse or professional use (delivery service or rental for example) of the DECATHLON frame which would not constitute normal use is excluded from this Limited Lifetime Warranty. For the avoidance of doubt normal use is using the Decathlon frame or bike in a manner which  DECATHLON considers inappropriate. This Limited Lifetime Warranty does not cover: normal wear and tear, professional or rental use, poor maintenance, improper assembly, labour charges, installation of parts or accessories not recommended or intended to be combined with the DECATHLON frame or relevant DECATHLON bike parts, bending or denting of the DECATHLON frame or relevant DECATHLON bike parts, damage caused by a collision. DECATHLON shall not have any liability under this warranty for any incidental or consequential damages. This Limited Lifetime Warranty is assured by DECATHLON only, no person including any DECATHLON authorised seller is permitted to make a representation or warranty on behalf of DECATHLON, and DECATHLON excludes any liability for any such representation or warranty.

This Limited Lifetime Warranty does not affect your statutory rights. Any reference to DECATHLON under this warranty shall be construed as a reference to DECATHLON UK Ltd.