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How to Choose Your Teamsports Bag?

Whether for training, home or away matches, your sports bag should tick a few boxes to guarantee convenience. 


KIPSTA has developed a full range of bags to make it easy to transport and store everything you need for before, after and on the pitch. But which one is right for you?

How to Choose Your Teamsports Bag?

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When it comes to choosing your sports bag, it’s really just about what kind of style you prefer i.e. how you want to carry it, how much room you need and how often you use it. Here are your options…

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1. Traditional Sports Bag

When choosing a sports bag for regular use, the most important thing to look for is durability and the ability to carry a lot, with different compartments to separate clean and unclean gear and store smaller items. We recommend the KI POCKET range (available in 20L and 40L) and the REGULAR range (available in 30L, 55L and 85L).

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2. Wheeled Bag

If you need a regular use bag that is easy to transport, we recommend opting for a wheeled bag. A strong wheeled bag will make life easier when on the move, while providing compartments to store your equipment and any sportswear you need while you're away. We recommend the HARDCASE wheeled bag range (available in 40L, 70L and 105L). These bags feature a strong base, helping to keep the bag upright and an extendable handle with a locking mechanism.

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3. Backpacks

If you need a bag for regular use on public transport and on your bike, we recommend opting for a backpack to make it easier for you and your kids to carry your things day-to-day. Backpacks all feature adjustable shoulder straps, padded backs for extra comfort, several pockets (for your shoes, for example) and somewhere to put your water bottle. We recommend our range of backpacks available in 12L, 20L and 35L.

How to Choose Your Teamsports Bag?


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The KI POCKET is extremely compact as it can be folded away into your side pocket, helping you to save space.


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