Women about to hit a squash ball with a racket

How to Choose Your Squash Ball?

Pick the right squash ball for your level and for the court temperature you'll be playing on. Find our suggestions here.

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Your choice of squash ball should reflect your playing level. Squash balls have a very simple symbol system, which makes it easy to find the right one. You should also choose the right squash ball for the court temperature where you are playing.

1. Playing Level

Follow this simple guide to find out which is the best ball for your playing level. 

Beginners and children opt for balls with a single white dot; this means there is a high level of bounce height and allows for longer rallies with less experience. 

Intermediate players do well with a ball with a single yellow dot and offers up to 10% more bounce than the ball used high-level tournaments known as the prime ball.

Advanced players opt for the squash ball with a double yellow dot ball, also known as the prime ball, has the lowest level of bounce and therefore relies on high-level technique from the player instead. It's usually the ball used in national and international competitions and suit highly advanced players best.

Man hitting a squash ball with his racket

2. The Court Temperature

The court temperature also plays an important role when selecting a suitable squash ball. Some courts are cooler in temperature which means that bouncier balls perform better i.e. in winter seasons the level of bounce is at a minimum and many advanced players opt for lower-level squash balls to account for this.

You can use different squash balls in training to give yourself some experience and an understanding on the difference of plays involved and what you can work towards. This will also help you level up quicker. Happy playing!