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Choosing your first ballet outfit

Your child is starting ballet, but you don't know what outfit to get?
We'll guide you as you choose the perfect outfit for taking your first steps in the dance studio!

What outfit to choose?
Choosing an outfit for kids' ballet is never easy when starting out.
However, before you begin, you'll need to take the first step: choosing a first outfit. This article will help you make the best choice.

A leotard is a ballet essential. There are different models and colours, generally to choose based on the level of dance and your personal preferences. No matter what, a leotard should be perfectly fitted to the dancer's body.

short-sleeved skirted leotard

Short-sleeved skirted leotard

This skirted leotard is designed for beginning ballet dancers looking for comfort and easy dressing. It has an attached skirt to fit the norms of ballet and avoid needing to put on a skirt in the middle of dance class. This skirted leotard is perfectly suited for a first outfit, because it is very comfortable and provides freedom of movement.

Thin strap skirted leotard

Thin strap skirted leotard

This skirted leotard provides more elegance to your child's outfit. The thin straps makes the arms and head position easier to see. The wrap skirt is made of mesh for lighter weight and so the legs remain visible. For a first ballet outfit, pink and white are generally preferred! It is available in other colours to meet the expectations of different dance instructors.  This skirted leotard is made of 84% recycled polyester to be more respectful of the environment.

Wide strap leotard

Wide strap leotard

This time, the leotard has no built-in skirt and offers more details for dancers. If your instructor doesn't want a skirt, this leotard provides technical details for a comfortable dance class. The under-bust seam and dart at the neckline help the leotard to stay in place as you move. Mesh details are visible on the straps for added elegance. For a first ballet outfit, go for pink, white, or a pastel such as sky blue, sea green, or mauve!
Its many colour options make it perfect for every level from beginner to advanced. With its wrap effect at the back, it highlights your figure and the elegance of your movements.

thin strap leotard

Thin strap leotard

This leotard is lined for greater opacity, ensuring comfort and refinement while ballet dancing. It is eco-friendly, since it is made of recycled cotton for a more comfortable feel. Its breathable properties help you stay comfortable during your entire first ballet classes. There are different colours, from pastels to flashier colours, depending on your level.

ballet outfit

Completing your ballet outfit

To complete your outfit, there are different colours of dance tights with or without feet. Not to forget full- or split-sole slippers for a full outfit from head to toe. To finish your outfit, we have a bun kit for creating a perfect bun for your classes. Finally, the essential wrap over top for covering up during warm-ups, and a bag for storing all your dance gear.

Boys' outfit

Boys' outfit

At Decathlon, there is a boys' outfit with a soft, stretch white T-shirt for greater ease of movement. This boys' T-shirt ensures freedom of movement throughout their practice from ages 4 to 16. It is primarily made of cotton, with some elastane to follow all your movements. With the T-shirt, you'll need black cotton leggings to combine comfort and stretch, making your movements perfectly visible. To complete your outfit, we have black and white split-sole dance slippers. The stretch weave perfectly hugs the foot, while the split sole and stretch material offer smooth foot motion. You now have the perfect outfit for your dance workouts.

Choosing the size of your ballet outfit

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