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Walking Shoes for Women

Walking shoes are a great lightweight alternative to wearing boots. A good pair of walking shoes will still be sturdy enough to handle lowland rambles and trail walking in warmer months but won’t feel cumbersome on your feet as boots might. We’ve got a range of sizes and styles for men, women and kids available at Decathlon.

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Our Top Picks: 15 Gifts For Walkers

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Sandals are the perfect summer footwear, and our women’s and men’s walking sandals are perfect for those camping holidays or exploring that historic town on your next city break. And kids walking sandals are ideal for paddling around in the sea or the local stream because they’ll dry out nice and quickly.


Ladies walking sandals are hard-wearing and durable, and they generally offer a sturdier sole than you would get from a standard pair of sandals. Even so, we wouldn’t recommend climbing a mountain in walking sandals, however, they’re perfect for easy-going lowland trails, or simply breathable holiday footwear for exploring somewhere new. If you need something with a bit more support, take a look at our range of walking shoes, or walking boots.


Unlike normal sandals, most trekking or walking sandals come with great arch support, which enables hikers to go about trails comfortably. A footbed that is already partially shaped to fit a foot will add to your comfort while also protecting it. But we do have a good range of comfortable walking insoles too if you're looking for additional support.

If you’re planning on wearing walking sandals to hike, you should consider finding a pair that are shock resistant. Hiking sandals with ethylene vinyl acetate (EVA), or foam midsoles, absorb shock well for an easy hike. Adjustable Velcro straps are also great in the middle of a rough trail when your feet have swollen. Adjustable straps will give you the room you need for a pair of warm socks if the weather changes.

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