SUP Board Spare Parts

Sup Board Spare Parts

Ride the waves like a pro with Decathlon's paddle board spare parts. Make sure your kit is kept well maintained and prolong your SUP board’s lifespan and performance with the right quality SUP board spare parts to get your money’s worth.

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Stand Up Paddle Board Parts

Are you missing your paddle board fin and in dire need of an inflatable paddle board fin replacement? What about a high-pressure valve or even a paddle board pump hose? A lot can happen on the open waters and if you’re prepping for a long paddling tour, your stand-up paddle board parts are vital to make sure you’re ready for any mishaps and maintenance along the way. While you’re at it, why not check out our range of stand-up paddle accessories so you have your essentials and extras ready to go?

Paddle Board Pump Hose

You can find our paddle board pump hose in-store if you’re looking for an Itiwit branded hose pump to give you high-pressure double or triple action when you need it. Our range of paddle board pump hoses are powerful, robust and stay silent during inflation. We offer two seals for compatibility that align with the most common valves offered on the market today — so you can find the perfect paddle board pump hose fit for your SUP board.

Paddle Board Replacement Fin

Need a paddle board replacement fin or simply looking for an upgrade to power up your SUP board? Browse our range of paddle board replacement fins available in a variety of sizes, brands and skill levels.

We offer inflatable paddle board fin replacements perfect for touring as well as racing your SUP board, kitting you out with a long, streamlined paddle board replacement to give you the speed and stability you need to transform your paddling experience. Easy to attach to your SUP board, our inflatable paddle board fin replacements don’t require any extra tools and only take a manual attachment, offering a large surface area for unrivalled directional control and glide performance.

Check out our range of SUP paddles and SUP wetsuits and boots for the whole fit.

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