Ski Backpacks

Ski Backpacks

Pack all your ski accessories and essentials for a day on the slopes with our range of ski backpacks. Featuring multiple pockets, reversible designs, back padding, and different size ranges, these backpacks are functional, ergonomic and easy to wear. Get everything you need with Decathlon.

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Ski backpacks are designed not just as a carry-all solution, but to be ergonomic and comfortable to wear over the course of a day on the slopes. We have different sizes of backpacks available to suit every skier with a range of features including easy-to-reach pockets, back-padding for comfort, reversible designs and more. We even have safety backpacks designed to aid you in emergencies such as an avalanche.

Ski backpacks aren’t the only storage options available. Ski bags and other equipment bags are essential for keeping your gear safe during travel. Check our our ultimate ski trip packing checklistto ensure you’ve got everything you need.

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