Thermal Trousers

Thermal Trousers

Don’t let winter weather spoil your hiking experience - pick up a pair of winter walking trousers from Decathlon to keep trekking in comfort all year round. Our lined walking trousers will help to keep your legs feeling warmer during those cold months, so your hiking habit doesn’t need to be purely a summer hobby.

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In order to make walking trousers so lightweight, the material is often thinner and when it comes to winter that can be a real issue. If you don’t have some thermal base layers handy, then your legs might start to feel a chill. That is where our winter walking trousers come in.

These thermal trousers are made of thicker material to help keep you feeling warmer on winter hikes. You’ll find a range of lined walking trousers and even some thermal walking leggings to choose from. Our winter trousers are water-resistant too, so they’re ideal for walking in the snow.

With a range of styles and sizes on offer, you’ll find options for the whole family with mens, womens and kids sizing available to choose from.

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