Bike Racks and Wall Mounts

Bike Racks & Wall Mounts

Store your bike securely with our range of bike racks and wall mounts. Wall mounts are ideal for smaller areas to make use of vertical space while bike racks provide a simple way to keep your bike upright in a shed or sheltered area.

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Storing your bike well is the key to keeping it in a good condition over many years. Bike racks help to keep bikes upright when they’re in a shed or sheltered area. Wall mounts can be fitted outdoors or in to make the most of vertical storage spaces. They get your bike out of the way and help to create a secure place to store it out of the elements.

In addition to standard wall mounts, we also have 5-bike wall racks and ceiling mounts. Whatever bike storage solution you need, find it with Decathlon. We also have car bike racks if you’re looking to take your bicycle with you on a road trip.

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