Bike Frames

Bike Frames

Need a replacement bike frame? This is the place to start browsing. Consider the weight of the frame, the style, and the robust nature of the material to find your perfect match. Our in-store experts are happy to help you fit it.

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Frame Replacement
Frame Replacement

Frame Replacement

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Bike frames are the bones of your ride. They can dictate the overall style of the bike, impact the weight and can help you to feel more comfortable. We have a range of varieties available including super lightweight road bike frames through to robust mountain bike frames. We also stock all the leading brands including B’twin and Rockrider.

Keep an eye out on each frame’s specs including whether it’s designed for male or female riders (which largely impacts the cross bar design) and the size.

We also have a range of frame spares if your frame just needs some touch-up repairs.

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