Bike Covers

Bike Covers

Bike covers are an excellent way to keep your bike protected when in storage such as in a shed or under a canopy, or when in transport. Our covers are compact yet will fit most bike sizes.

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Elastic Bike Bag
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Wheel Cover - 1 Wheel
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Bike covers protect bikes from the elements when being stored in areas such as a shed or sheltered, but open canopy area. They are also extremely useful for transport and can protect the bike from damage and protect other items from oil or mud transfer!

Our bike covers are suitable for most sizes of bikes, but be sure to check compatibility before purchasing. Many offer protection from whether, but are rarely 100% waterproof. It’s best to keep your bike in a protected space, even with the bike cover!

In addition to single covers, we also have covers suitable for two bikes.

Looking for more bike storage solutions? Explore our bike racks and wall mounts range.

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