Bike Covers

Bike Covers

Bike covers are an excellent way to keep your bike protected when in storage such as in a shed or under a canopy, or when in transport. Our covers are compact yet will fit most bike sizes.

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Protective Bike Covers

Bike covers protect bikes from the elements when being stored in areas such as a shed or sheltered, but open canopy area. They are also extremely useful for transport and can protect the bike from damage and protect other items from oil or mud transfer. If you’re moving home or taking your bike abroad, you may want to invest in one of our bicycle covers to help keep it safe.

Waterproof Bike Covers

There’s nothing worse than rainwater drumming down on your precious bike and causing it to rust and corrode. Keeping your bike stored safely indoors may not always be an option and sheds and canopies are rarely watertight, so investing in one of our high-quality bicycle covers helps to ensure your bike is protected against the worst.

In-Transit Bicycle Covers

Transporting your bike safely can be difficult and there is always a risk of damage without the right protection. Our covers help ensure your bike has a little more protection from scuffs and chips. If you have more than one bike and store them on racks, we also have bike rack cover options.

Bike accessories should keep your bike protected and make enjoying it even more fun. Our range of child bike seats and trailers allows you to enjoy the open road with your little one on board while our car bike racks allow you take your bike along on road trips and car journeys. We also stock a good range of bike racks and mounts, as well as bike kickstands, making it easy to store your bike safely before adding the protective cover.

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