Bike Travel, Storage and Transport

Bike Travel, Storage & Transport

Get the most out of your bike by adding storage options such as pannier bags, racks and baskets. Here at Decathlon we stock all you need to add storage to your bike, but also to store your bike and transport it around.

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27L Waterproof Bike Bag 900 - Yellow
27L Waterproof Bike Bag 900 - Yellow
100 Double Bike Bag 2 x 15L
100 Double Bike Bag 2 x 15L
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There are plenty of storage options for bikes that can be added to most city bikes and leisure bikes. Racks and bike panniers mean that you have a luggage storage solution on your bike, ideal if you plan to use your bike for heading to the local store.

Beyond storage options, you’ll also find a range of car bike racks to help you transport your bike wherever you’re heading for your ride.

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