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WID 70 Men's Ski Boots

Designed for experienced skiers looking for comfort The WID 70 boot combines the ease of use of the three buckles with a firm and tolerant flex for enjoyment in all snow conditions.
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Rigidity Flex 70, ideal for perfecting your skills. Allows good transferral
Easy dressing Softer material on the instep, slide in + strap making it easier to put them on
Warmth Good sealing between the shell and foam, ensuring insulation
Adjustable 3 rachet buckles, 1 movable buckle with 3 positions. 50 mm strap.
Easy to move N Shin buckle with a long tooth plate and moving position


Buckle adjustment

3 very strong aluminium micrometric buckles. 1 3-position buckle on the shin, to adapt to all calves. Large strap for strong and easy closure at the top of the shell.


Large and very comfortable footwear. 3-density foam insole and fleece lining for comfort and insulation. Neoprene toe box for warmth and ability to absorb any impacts suffered. Tongue and calf straps to facilitate removal of the liner from the shell for faster drying.

What is flex?

To provide an indication of rigidity, brands assign a flex rating to every boot. This figure determines the rigidity of the boot; the higher the figure, the stiffer the shell. A flex of 50 to 70 is suitable for intermediate to advanced skiers. A flex level of 70 to 90 is intended for advanced skiers. From this level up, the products are intended for experts. The large sizes can be increased by one level.

How do you try on ski boots?

Once your foot is in the boot, you need to fasten the buckles up half-way. If you need to fasten the buckles any tighter, this means that the boot is the wrong size. Once you've fastened the boot, you need to flex 3 times, pushing your calves forward, (put your hands on your knees to help you) which will push your heel back into the boot. When you stand upright, your foot should touch the end of the shell; when you flex, your foot moves backwards so you can no longer feel the end.

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Care instructions: It is important to dry the boot liners every day so you don't get cold feet. To do this you must remove the liners from the shells and dry them near a heat source. Make sure you don't put your liners on a radiator.
Stock advice It is important to dry your boots before you put them away. Ideally, you should store them with the hooks closed in a ski boot bag and a in warm room.


Guarantee : 2 Years
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