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Stopwatch and countdown at a low price.

W200 M Digital Watch

Designed for occasional to regular athletes seeking a watch for their first training sessions. Stopwatch and countdown at a low price.

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Product bonus

A watch with countdown timer to set your target workout duration and a precise stopwatch.
Did you know? In order to stay healthy, the World Health Organisation (WHO) recommends adults (18 to 64 years old) to do at least 150 minutes of medium intensity endurance workout in a week. Endurance activities must be done in periods of at least 10 minutes.
This amounts to doing 30 minutes of exercise per day, 5 days per week.

Repeat countdown timer

Repeat countdown lets you:
- set a workout duration goal and stop when this time period has elapsed
- make simple interval exercises with identical time periods (for example, 30 seconds fast pace, 30 seconds easy, then 30 seconds fast pace,...).
The REPEAT function can be disabled.

How to choose your Geonaute watch

The digital range:
- W100 (occasional sports): stopwatch, 2 sizes.
- W200 (regular sports): 1/100s stopwatch, repeat countdown, backlight, alarm, 2 sizes.
- W500 (regular to intensive sports): fully configurable, 1/100s stopwatch, backlight, alarm, SWIP wrist strap. 3 models available.
- W700XC (regular to intensive sports): resistance to shocks, fully configurable, 1/100s stopwatch, backlight, alarm, SWIP wrist strap.

Test Product For 20 years, our Geonaute teams have been designing watches suitable for sports. During their development stage, each model undergoes over 30 distinct tests, and are then tested on the field by our tester team.
Guarantee : Availability of the spare parts (battery and wrist strap) essential to product use: 2 years