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TRIBORD Tribord 5S Inflatable Dinghy Sailing Boat

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Our design team has created a new type of inflatable dinghy for (re)discovering the thrills of sailing, for 2 adults, sailing solo or with family. The Tribord 5S is a compact inflatable boat that packs down into 2 bags that fit in a hatchback. Stable & easy to handle, it puts even young sailors at ease and can be playful when the wind picks up.

Product benefits

Ease of use Intuitive boat: pre-trimmed, just use the wheel and the sheet to sail.
Easy assembly / dismantling - Ready in 25 minutes (by one person)
- Simple to adjust
- No tools required
Easy transport Can be carried by one person in a wheeled bag + shoulder bag.
Compact design The 2 bags fit in the boot of your car with the rear seats down.
Stability With its flat shape, the hull remains balanced as you move.
Buoyancy Provided by 3 independent inflatable chambers with a load capacity of 160 kg.
Easy to move Removable launching wheels to get the 5S from your car to the water.
Ease of learning Helpful wind vane to assist you in adjusting the sail.
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Technical Information

Included accessories

- Helpful wind vane
- Removable launching wheels
- Carry and storage bags

Accessories not included

Inflation device necessary.
If you do not own a kayak or SUP pump, we recommend you buy either:
- 2 double action manual pumps, Ref. 8387655 or 8401570
Advantage: can be inflated at the water's edge, inflates in 15 minutes with 2 people
- 1 electric (cigarette lighter) pump, Ref. 8387582
Advantage: effortless inflation next to the car in 20 minutes

Accessories for your safety

Please refer to Division 240.
We recommend:
- 50 N buoyancy aid Ref. 8519115
- Tow line Ref. 8484163
- Sailing telescopic paddle Ref. 8540459
- Waterproof flashlight


A wheel for steering and a sheet to adjust the sail: simple. No other adjustments are necessary during assembly or while sailing, helping you to get the most enjoyment out of the boat.
A helpful wind vane is included with the boat to assist you in adjusting the sail.


The Tribord 5S can be assembled at the water's edge. Extremely lightweight (39 kg) and with removable wheels, meaning you are no longer tied to needing a port or other launching structure.
You will be able to access all bodies of water: sea, lakes, rivers...
It is the user's responsibility to check the sailing conditions (current, sea conditions, wind) and access rights to the body of water before you set sail!

The real sailing experience!

in collaboration with our naval architects Tanguy de Lamotte and Anne-Claire Le Berre, we wanted to develop a high-performance and reassuring sailing boat.
It will let you experience all aspects of sailing: gliding across the water, waves lapping against the hull, the fun of playing with the wind, and more!
Let the water be your playing field.

Sail with peace of mind

Great attention has been paid to the usability and comfort on board: uncluttered deck, high boom and U-shaped foam-padded seating.
- Flat hull for maximum stability.
- Floating sail: foam at the top of the sail to help stop it turning inside out.
- Grab handles on different strategic areas of the boat.
- Sail can be rolled up on land to reduce it from 5.7 sqm to 3 sqm

How big is it? How heavy is it?

When the boat is packed inside its 2 bags:
- Dimensions of the 1st bag:
length x width x height (cm): 165 x 58 x 33
- Dimensions of the 2nd bag:
length x width x height (cm): 150 x 31 x 31
When the boat is assembled:
- Dimensions of the inflated hull:
length x width (cm): 308 x 140
Weight of the boat: 39 kg.
Weight during transport: 46 kg (1 bag weighing 35 kg, 1 bag weighing 11 kg).

What if the boat gets a puncture?

The hull of the boat uses "Dropstitch" technology, which has been tried and tested on our range of stand-up paddle boards (two layers of PVC connected together by thousands of polyester threads). It would therefore require a sharp-edged object for this to happen.
But what if it does happen?
The hull of the Tribord 5S has been designed with 3 independent air chambers to get you back to shore safely, even in the event of a puncture in one of the air chambers.

After-sales service

- 100% of parts available from after-sales service
- Repairable hull
- Repair kit: most minor damage is easily repairable using the patches matching the colours of the hull, included with the boat (glue sold separately).

Sail on!

Whether on an indoor or outdoor body of water, with friends or family, our design team wishes you good sailing aboard the TRIBORD 5S. Feel free to share your photos with the hashtag #SailEasy!

Towing tip

To keep the carry straps in good condition, we recommend attaching the end of tow line around the mast base.

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Composition / advice

Main fabric
80.00% Polyvinyl chloride (PVC), 20.00% Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS)
60.00% Carbon, 40.00% Aluminium
Back fabric
100.00% Polyester (PES)
Stock advice Dry, deflate, fold up. Store your boat in its bags in a cool, dry place, and avoid prolonged exposure to UV rays, which can degrade the components.
Restricted use : We do not recommend using the straps for towing.
Legal notice It is the user's responsibility to check the sailing conditions (current, sea conditions, wind) and access rights to the body of water before you set sail
How to use your product
How to use your product

Our commitments

Developed in partnership with our naval architects: - Tanguy de Lamotte: trained naval architect, skipper of the Initiatives-Cœur boat at Vendée Globe 2012 and 2016 - Anne-Claire Le Berre: Initiatives-Cœur Team design office manager, Match Racing World Championship 2016 Vice-Champion, member of the French Olympic sailing team from 2002 to 2012
Test Product Boat certified in a laboratory according to ISO 1024 and ISO 6185 standards. It is approved for use by 2 adults or 1 adult and up to 2 kids, with a maximum load of 160 kg. Approved under heavy use: boat tested by 100 users
Guarantee : 2 Years

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