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Our enthusiastic trail running team has designed this quiver so that you can carry and use your collapsible poles with the EVADICT 5L trail running gilet. Are you looking for a simple, quick solution to carry your trail running poles?Put away and grab hold of your poles easily to save time during your runs.

Technical Information

How do you attach the quiver to the 5L trail running gilet?

The quiver attaches diagonally to the 5L trail running gilet; you choose whether on the right or left shoulder:
1. feed the strap on the back of the quiver into the hook on the gilet's right or left shoulder
2. position the quiver diagonally
3. take the magnet at the end of the drawcord and feed it into the slit in the synthetic piece on which the word "Quiver" is written
4. also feed the drawcord toggle into the slit
5. put the collapsed poles into the quiver and put the bag on your back.

Forget about your poles when you've put them away!

Thanks to the properly tightened drawcord, your poles don't move when you run. So once you've put on the gilet and properly attached the quiver, you need to tighten this drawcord correctly:
- pull on the drawcord with one hand and press the drawcord toggle onto the synthetic piece with the other hand as hard as you like - to avoid having a hanging drawcord, bring the magnet onto the tongue located just under the quiver to magnetize it.

Grab hold of your poles easily while you're running .

When you reach an uphill section, it's very easy to grab hold of your poles while you're running. Here is the technique to grab hold of them in just a few seconds:
- grab hold of the drawcord and unhook the magnet
- loosen the drawcord by pulling on the drawcord toggle
- grab hold of the quiver over your shoulder and pull it into your field of vision
- then simply grab hold of your poles and let your quiver drop back.

And put them away quickly:

The quiver's innovative system brings it into your field of vision so that you can easily put away your poles:
- once your poles are collapsed and you're holding them both in one hand, grab hold of the quiver with your other hand and bring it into sight
- insert the poles into the quiver and let it drop back
- tighten up the drawcord again using the drawcord toggle to block the poles and put the magnet back under the quiver.

A quiver designed to make things simple for runners!

To help you go even faster and perform better on your runs, we have designed an innovative, very easy-to-use sliding system. It enables you to pull your quiver forwards without undoing it, to easily slide in and pull out your poles.Nicolas, a Kalenji product engineer, explains: “The guiding word for us during this design work was: simplicity. We needed to ensure that you could take out and put back your poles as easily as possible, without stopping."

Compatible with the 5L gilet and 3-section poles.

The 5 litre Evadict gilet features quiver attachments. You can therefore carry all your accessories in the gilet and your 3-section poles in the quiver to set off well-equipped on an adventure. The gilet and quiver were designed together to make your runs practical and comfortable. Even with all the gilet's pockets full and the poles stored away, you have great freedom of movement, without anything hindering you to run.

Why carry this quiver on your long-distance runs?

Thierry, an Evadict product manager and ultra-distance trail runner, explains why this innovative system on the quiver could be useful: "When you're running with two 3-section poles, putting them back into your quiver while you're running and can't see what you're doing, just when you're starting to get tired, is a real hassle! Being able to pull forward your quiver and see the entry point to easily put away your poles changes everything!"

Introducing the team behind this quiver:

The foursome behind this idea is made up of Thierry the product manager, Nicolas the product engineer, Juliette the prototyper and garment designer, and Lucie the designer. They are proud to present a product that they fine-tuned for 2 years to make your runs easier and leave you free to enjoy the experience.

Durable materials that resist abrasion and humidity.

Designed for your quick training sessions and trail runs, this quiver is comfortable and durable. Foam right down the back makes it pleasant to carry. The material has been chosen for its abrasion resistance and high durability.Insert your poles easily thanks to the quiver's thermoformed circle entry point and rigidity. Water is removed through small holes in the bottom of the quiver.

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Composition / advice

Main fabric
30.00% Polyurethane (PU), 70.00% Polyester (PES)
Foam part
100.00% Foamed Polyethylene
Care instructions: Hand wash.
Washing instructions
Hand wash
Hand wash
Do not bleach
Do not bleach
Do not tumble dry
Do not tumble dry
Do not iron
Do not iron
Do not dry-clean
Do not dry-clean
Restricted use : Only compatible with the EVADICT 5L trail running gilet.

Our commitments

This quiver was tested by many trail runners during their training sessions, and sometimes even during their competitions, for several months.
Test Product At DECATHLON, all our products are tested by a panel of users under the conditions of use for which they were designed. These tests are organised and supervised by a team of engineers dedicated to the task. The product managers, engineers and the entire trail running team use the results of all these tests to develop, create and design technical products that will satisfy our runners.
Guarantee : 2 Years

Product benefits

Easy transport Forget about your poles while you run thanks to the quiver's comfortable foam.
Ease of use Grab hold of and put back your poles using an innovative sliding system.
Lightweight Run without carrying too much weight: the quiver weighs just 75 g.
Stability Drawcord tightening keeps the poles very stable on your back.
Durability The quiver's main component has been chosen for its durability.

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