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Decathlon Kayak Accessories

Brave the chilly waters with our all-inclusive range of Decathlon kayak accessories. Are you looking for reliable beach accessories that you can use summer after summer? Discover our full product range of kayaking essentials including kayak storage hooks, kayak roof bars, kayak backrest seats and more.

Kayak Storage

Looking for a way to store your rigid kayak efficiently and in the most space-saving manner possible? Our range of kayak storage hooks will pack away your kayak in a compact and visually-stunning way to show off your hobby in style. And our kayak storage will take care of your gear too, fitted with protective foam to ensure your bodywork is not damaged and held up safe and sound until you need to take it down for your next paddle.

Our range of Decathlon kayak accessories is able to bear some hefty loads with up to 50kgs of carrying power, our kayak storage hooks are able to support all sizes of rigid kayaks, stand-up paddles and canoes. Get your smart, space-saving kayak storage here.

Kayak Roof Bars

Get your Itiwit-approved kayak roof bars here for some guaranteed quality and durability so you can secure and transport your kayak safe and sound for many summers to come.

Only a quick installation away, you’ll be able to fit your kayak, surfboard or SUP on the kayak roof rack system of your car and drive with the peace of mind you need with the added protection foam for impact. Make loading and unloading hassle-free for your next trip for more convenient, safe and secure transportation.

We also offer an extensive range of inflatable kayak accessoriesandbuoyancy aidsto add a little extra safety to your trip.