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Treadmills are always popular exercise machinesat gyms. Even if you're new to working out, most people have the ability to hop on a running machine. If you have enough space at home, a treadmill can be a versatile cardio machine that can help you build your fitness over time, allowing you to increase your stamina and endurance. And combine it withweights & gym equipment for the perfect home gym set-up. But while our range of treadmills are built to last, parts can wear over time with regular use. At Decathlon, we stock a whole range of replacement treadmill parts to get you back up and running again quickly and affordably.


Our range of treadmill spares and repair parts are designed to replace faulty or worn out parts from our range of Domyos running machines. Make sure you check if the part is compatible with your model of running machine to ensure it will work correctly and safely. And if you're looking for an upgrade on your home treadmill, or looking to get your first one, take a look at Decathlon's collection of treadmills.


Depending on your budget you can opt for a light-use cheap treadmill ideal for those looking to build up their fitness, through to one of our running machines designed for intense use and building up your speed and endurance. Some treadmills will also give you feedback on stats such as heart rate and calories burned so that you can keep track of your goals. But it's important to choose a treadmill suitable for the intensity of training it will be used for. If you opt for a basic treadmill and use it every day, then parts may wear more quickly.

For those looking for home gym equipment & fitness accessories that will be a little kinder to sore knees, our range of cross trainers and rowing machines offer a low-impact way of keeping fit. We also have a great range of wrist and ankle weights, dumbbells, exercise balls and activewear — everything you need to work out at home or at the gym.