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Small Ladies Bike

When you choose a bike that's specifically made for ladies, you'll get a smaller bike than the unisex versions, to suit shorter riders. It's important to think about the height of the bike and your own height when choosing a bike, it's worth breaking out that measuring tape.

Choosing the right bike relies on the style of cycling that you plan to do. Hitting the trails over uneven ground? Then you’ll want to check out our range of women’s mountain bikes. Looking to head out on the weekend with your riding buddies? Our range of road bikes will have you speeding along the road in no time. Whatever your style of riding, there’s something for everyone in our range of women’s bikes.

Ladies Bikes with Basket

If you're specifically looking for a stylish bike that sports a basket, we have some stylish options which also have a low frame and adjustable handlebar, to get that relaxed cycling vibe just right. Make sure you have a browse through our women's bike helmets as even if you're planning some leisurely cycling, it's important to ride safely.

Female Bikers

If you're serious about cycling then you'll need the full kit, we have women's cycling clothingto suit everyone's style, andwomen's cycling shoes that will help you reach a new high speed!