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What young cyclists often lack in balance; they make up for in exuberance. For that reason it’s important that they wear appropriate safety gear including a helmet. Here at Decathlon, we stock a range of kids’ bike helmets to choose from.

Children’s Cycle Helmets

Convincing your child, they really must where their cycling helmet is not always the easiest task, but with the fun designs in the Decathlon collection is becomes a lot easier. We’ve got fun, novelty designs and bright colours which may tempt even the most reluctant of helmet wearers to give it a go.

Youth Bike Helmets

Finding the right fitting helmet is vital for a safe and protective ride. There are helmets to suit children of all ages, from those riding their first trikes to experienced teen riders on their first ever adult sized frame.

Learning to ride a bike is a right of passage for both children and their parents. We can help you through the journey from a child’s first balance bikesto professional standardBMX bikes, ensuring whatever type of kids’ bike you’re looking for, we’re there to help. Do not forget the importance of cycling safety and remember the Decathlon team can help with everything from their first helmet to lights, accessories and more.